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(defvar pertbot-seen (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(defun pertbot-see (nick)
(puthash (erc-downcase nick) (current-time) pertbot-seen))
(defun pertbot-handle-seen (nickuserhost msg)
(if (string-match "^\\s *,seen\\s +\\(\\S +\\)\\s *" msg)
(let* ((nick (match-string-no-properties 1 msg))
(time (gethash (erc-downcase nick) pertbot-seen)))
(cond ((gethash (erc-downcase nick) erc-channel-users)
(erc-send-message (format "%s is here now!" nick)))
(time (erc-send-message (format "%s last seen %s ago"
(time-to-seconds (time-since time))))))
(t (erc-send-message (format "Haven't seen %s around lately" nick)))))
(erc-send-message "Usage: ,seen NICK")))
(defun pertbot-seen-handle-channel-members-updated ()
"Add to `erc-channel-members-updated-hook' to turn on seen-recording."
(when (boundp 'nick)
(pertbot-see nick)))
(add-hook 'erc-channel-members-changed-hook
(defun pertbot-seen-insert-post-hook ()
"Unfortunately we can't simply have a join hook, since names
are received after join."
(goto-char (or (erc-find-parsed-property) (point-min)))
(let* ((parsed (erc-get-parsed-vector (point))))
(when (and parsed
(equal "353" (erc-response.command parsed))) ; NAMES
(split-string (erc-response.contents parsed))))))
(add-hook 'erc-insert-post-hook
(defconst pertbot-time-duration-words
(list (cons "second" 1)
(cons "minute" 60)
(cons "hour" (* 60 60))
(cons "day" (* 24 60 60))
(cons "week" (* 7 24 60 60))
(cons "fortnight" (* 14 24 60 60))
(cons "month" (* 30 24 60 60)) ; Approximation
(cons "year" (* 365.25 24 60 60)) ; Approximation
"Alist mapping temporal words to durations in seconds.")
(defun pertbot-time-duration (secs)
"Take number of seconds specified by `secs', return relative
time as string."
(defun biggest-unit (secs)
(setq words pertbot-time-duration-words)
(while (and (cdr words)
(>= secs (cdar (cdr words))))
(setq words (cdr words)))
(car words))
(if (eq secs 0)
"0 seconds"
(let (str)
(while (> secs 0)
(let* ((unit (biggest-unit secs))
(count-unit (floor (/ secs (cdr unit))))
(count-secs (* count-unit (cdr unit))))
(if (<= count-unit 0)
(setq secs 0)
str (concat str
(when str ", ")
(format "%s %s" count-unit (car unit))
(when (not (eq 1 count-unit)) "s")))
(setq secs (- secs count-secs)))))
(provide 'pertbot-seen)
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