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Requires flickrapi and wordpresslib. Both are available for Arch Linux from AUR.

Run once to get an example configuration file. After editing that, run

$ python MY_NSID

where MY_NSID is one of those listed in your configuration file, at ~/.config/pressflickr/config.cfg.

See while logged in to find your NSID.

Note: when asked to allow pressflickr read-access to you account, be sure to be logged in as the user you’re running as, otherwise the tag search will not work. If you were logged in as the wrong user and authorised, you can remove the ~/.flickr directory to remove the authorisation tokens, then run pressflickr again to re-authorise. However, as long as you’re logged in as the user with the NSID passed to pressflickr when authorising, pressflickr will store one authorisation token per user with no trouble.

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