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This project contains a patched version of Writer2LaTeX that should be able to handle Zotero references in OpenOffice.org Writer documents, in order to import them into LyX for use with Zotero and LyZ.

Relevant links:


$ cd trunk
$ edit build.xml # set OFFICE_CLASSES and URE_CLASSES
$ ant oxt

Also be sure to use this patched version of LyZ, in order to get the correct bibtex keys from Zotero. Compile it with:

$ zip -r lyz.xpi ./*

You might also want this patched BibTeX translator for Zotero, which adds the “lastchecked” field correctly in order to work with natbib (and empties the “howpublished” field), also adding {} around titles to capitalise them as in Zotero.


$ cd trunk/target
$ java -jar lib/writer2latex.jar -config=classes/writer2latex/latex/config/zotero.xml -latex in.odt out.tex

Now import the document as LaTeX from LyX, and change the citekey format in LyZ to “writer2latex”.


LyZ at the moment does not notice references that haven’t been used before in the document, so you’ll have to first make one citation of your whole library (which you can then delete).

There is a small chance of name-collisions if you cite from several libraries, since we delete the library ID from the bibtex key. However, I don’t use this with more than one library myself, and don’t see a way to include the library ID in the bibtex key unless the Zotero OOo plugin changes its output format.