State of the movement

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overview of remotestorage-enabled unhosted web apps, and their state. For updates and to participate, come to our chat room.

Core & overarching

Developer tools

Almost working Apps

  • **✔ My favorite drinks - Martin

    • favicon missing
    • css warnings
  • **✔ Todo MVC with remotestorage - Michiel

    • css warnings
    • updating text of an item doesn't work
    • favicon missing
  • **✔ Music - Francois

    • css warnings
    • there is no way to upload binary files
    • favicon missing
  • **✔ Editor - Michiel

    • css warnings
    • favicon missing

Apps we need to fix

  • Litewrite: distraction-free editor, needs to have remoteStorage.js integrated with proper new methods (Jan, Jorin)

Older apps (not currently working)

  • ? Python library to add remoteStorage to your app. Status? (Lukas)
  • seven20 (source): * folder and object management interface (currently working with 0.7 only) (Ken)
  • Shared Stuff: join the discussion and help with code (Marco, Pavlik, Jan)
  • Friends#Unhosted: the first unhosted social network! Made by Agical (source)
  • Unpapered: unhosted Instapaper! needs interface design & blocking log in for the bookmarklet (Geal, Jan)
  • Taskboard: sticky notes wall, unhosted from Bartek (Jan)
  • Docrastinate: simple planner triptych, dogfooding for all my notes (Jan)
  • gHost: webcam photo app using WebRTC to take photos (Vittorio)
  • Spotify Watchlist: need to improve the design (Erik)
  • Libre Docs: functionality needs to be fixed, improve load time, allow navigation through menus and pad viewing while logged in but offline, OAuth path is broken (Michiel, Azul, Jan)
  • Meute: Contacts & Messaging in progress (Nilclass, Michiel, xMartin, Jan)
  • Focalendar: only a mockup right now, but will be an awesome logarithmic calendar (Jan)
  • OpenPhoto: working on it (Michiel)
  • Opentabs: current state? (Melvin)
  • Mindmaps: needs remoteStorage.js (David)
  • data liberator: scrape your Flickr, Facebook etc to your remoteStorage. We can probably use the Exporter (soon to be open sourced) and Locker Project for that.
  • notebrowser: note-taking application featuring synchronization and automatic conflict resolution (only works from file:// or from a WebDAV server)

unhost existing apps

remoteStorage software & providers

  • ownCloud (PHP)
    • remove ajax calls in home screen display
    • fix recognition of existing app extending permissions
    • add more unit tests
  • OwnCube still need to OAuth every time
  • GetFreeCloud contacted
  • liquor-cabinet (Ruby+Riak): only a module, and no auth, but it works
  • 5apps reuse OAuth tokens, per-category decisions (Basti & Garret)
  • Diaspora (Ruby): looking into integration (Pavlik)
  • remotestorage-ruby (Ruby on Rails): 2012.04 compatible remotestorage server. Can be tried here.
  • simple remoteStorage (PHP): (Francois)
  • express-storage (Node.js+Redis): this is still on version 2011.10 afaik - Michiel.
  • reStore (Node.js): in experimental stage (James)
  • (Python) this is still on version 2011.10 afaik - Michiel.
  • Django-unhosted ?

Similar projects

Some of these would be interesting to make remoteStorage compatible.

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