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* Copyright (c) 2013 Univocity Software Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions defined in file
* 'LICENSE.txt', which is part of this source code package.
package com.univocity.parsers.remote;
* Callback class used to determine how the remote content should be accessed.
* Used to provide information about pagination and link following processes, provided by a {@link RemoteContext},
* through the invocation of the {@link #prepareNextCall(RemoteContext)} method. Users can for example manipulate
* the remote request to control how the next page should be fetched by modifying the HTTP request configuration before
* accessing the next page of data.
* @author Univocity Software Pty Ltd - <a href=""></a>
* @see RemoteContext
* @see RemoteFollower
* @see Paginator
* @see PaginationContext
public interface NextInputHandler<C extends RemoteContext> {
* Method invoked by the parser when a new HTTP request to fetch a remote resource must be performed. Users can
* use this method to prepare the remote call and to obtain more information about the process.
* @param remoteContext the {@link RemoteContext} used to get information from the current and the next remote HTTP request.
void prepareNextCall(C remoteContext);
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