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A tool for checking the correctness of references in BPMN files.
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BPMN Reference validation

Note: Project is now part of uniba-dsg/BPMNspector - and will be no further maintained here

Tool to check all references in BPMN 2.0 process files:

  • Points the reference to an existing element?
  • Has the referenced element an allowed, valid type? (e.g., references a messageRef attribute really a message)

Software Requirements

  • JDK 1.7.X
    • JAVA_HOME should point to the jdk directory
    • PATH should include JAVA_HOME/bin


LGPL Version 3:

Project Usage

$ gradlew build # builds the project to folder `/build`

$ gradlew assemble # Builds a jar which will be stored in `/build/libs`

# Generate project files 
$ gradlew idea # Generates Intellij IDEA project files
$ gradlew eclipse # Generates Eclipse project files

Project Structure

src/ # the main source code
resources/ # needed resources such as BPMN XSD files and all defined references to check
test/src # JUnit tests for testing assertions 
test/tests # BPMN files used in JUnit tests

Application Usage

The application supports some variants of validation and different log level. Language support is available for German and English


If you add the jar as dependency to your project you can use the following methods of the Interface BPMNReferenceValidator and the corresponding implementation BPMNReferenceValidatorImpl:

validate(String path)
validateExistenceOnly(String path)
validateSingleFile(String path)
validateSingleFileExistenceOnly(String path)
setLogLevel(Level level)
setLanguage(int language)


To open the GUI either run gradlew run or the jar.


  • main contributor: Andreas Vorndran
  • advisor: Matthias Geiger
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