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Visualization for Statistical Shape Models and Medical Images based on Scalismo.


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Scalismo-ui is a library for visualizing statistical shape models and related 3D objects, such as 3D meshes or 3D medical images. It is designed to complement the Scalismo framework and to make it easy to build graphical shape modelling applications and to allow for "visual debugging" of complex image analysis algorithms. Further, it can be used as a standalone application for visualizing shape models, 3D meshes and 3D medical images.

Scalismo-ui was developed and is currently maintained by the Graphics and Vision Research Group of the University of Basel.



We believe that visualization is a key factor in the development of complex image analysis algorithm and that visual inspection is the most powerful debugging tool. But it is only used if visualization is simple to use. In Scalismo-ui, every object can be visualized by adding only one line of code:

val objectView =, object, "name of object")

It is equally simple to change the representation of the object, such as in this example its color

objectView.color = Color.RED


Scalismo-ui as a library

Add the following dependency to your build.sbt:

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("unibas-gravis", "maven")

libraryDependencies += "ch.unibas.cs.gravis" %% "scalismo-ui" % "0.92.0"

The graphical user interface can be called from an application using the command

val ui = ScalismoUI()

Standalone application

Scalismo-ui can also be used as a standalone application. Simply call

sbt run

to start the application. For more frequent use of scalismo-ui, it is convenient to have the application available as a jar file. This can be built by calling

sbt assembly

The resulting jar file is target/scala-3.1.0/scalismo-ui.jar


Checkout the Scalismo-website for examples on how to use Scalismo-ui in your programs.

Undocumented features

Scalismo-ui features a simple plugin api. We hope to be able to add documentation soon. For the moment, check out the source file SimplePluginAPI.scala

For questions regarding scalismo-ui or suggestions for improvements, please post to the mailing list scalismo google group.


Scalismo-UI is maintained by researchers from the Graphics and vision research group at the University of Basel. See the following links for more information:


Contributions to scalismo-ui are very welcome. Please send us a pull request from your fork of this repository! We do have to ask you to sign the contributors agreement before we can merge any of your work into our code base.

Copyright and Licenses

All code is released under the GNU public license, available here.

Copyright, University of Basel, 2023.