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  1. sesqlite sesqlite Public

    ⨝ Mandatory Access Control for SQLite databases

    C 13 2

  2. Cage4Deno Cage4Deno Public

    Forked from denoland/deno

    Set of modifications for Deno to add subprocess sandboxing

    Rust 10

  3. aesmix aesmix Public

    🔐 Mix&Slice implementation and tests based on AES

    C 6 1

  4. natisand natisand Public

    Forked from denoland/deno

    Native code sandboxing for JavaScript runtimes

    Rust 6

  5. Public

    HTML 3

  6. flask-bdweb flask-bdweb Public

    Materiale per il corso di Basi di Dati e Web (flask)

    Python 3 2


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