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NEBA Directive: a sample application for the NEBA framework for Apache Sling

CI workflow

This project demonstrates core concepts and features of the NEBA framework for Sling. It provides a demonstrative mini WEB application for the beautiful responsive directive template set by

NEBA Directive: A sample application for NEBA for Sling

What this sample application is

This application demonstrates how NEBA can be used to model resources in Sling and use Spring's MVC features for Apache Sling.

What this sample application is not

A ready-to-use web application. It has purely been designed to demonstrate NEBA features.

How to run this application

You can run this app using docker. To build and run it from scratch, use the provided build-and-run script. If the launchpad is already build, you can start the app using

docker-compose up

Alternatively, you can use maven to build and run the app, like so:

  1. Build the Neba Sample bundle in the root directory with mvn install
  2. Build the Neba Sample Launchpad in the launchpad directory with mvn install
  3. Start your Neba Sample Launchpad in the launchpad directory with mvn (Can be stopped again by pressing any key)

Once the app is up & running, you can for example:

  • Open http://localhost:8080/content/neba-sample.html or browse NEBA's Model registry,Model statistics or examine logfiles using NEBA's log viewer.
  • login with any sling user, e.g. using admin/admin for the default administrative account.
  • To configure the SMTP settings for the contact form, see /system/console/configMgr, "io.neba.sample.mail" and "NEBA sample project contact email sender".
  • remote-debug the application via port 8000.
  • When running in docker, a mailhog container lets you see contact emails generated by the contact mail form via mailhog's Web UI at http://localhost:8025.

The anatomy of this app

The NEBA sample app is an OSGi bundle. It contains application code (Java POJOs, Services annotated with SCR metadata, NEBA models) in the "to.adapt.neba" package.

The bundle is blueprint-enabled as it provides a blueprint context xml file in OSGI-INF/blueprint.

In addition, the bundle provides JCR content, views, images and configurations via Sling content loading. The respective content is contained in the SLING-INF/content folder and is loaded into the repository as specified by the Sling-Initial-Content header values defined in the pom.xml.

Furthermore, the bundle directly provides static resources via the Sling-Bundle-Resources header value defined in the pom.xml.

All Neba models are considered part of the bundle's API, since the models are used by views. They are thus located in to.adapt.neba.api.models. Here, the package "spring" contains Spring beans used as resource models, whereas "neba" contains standard Neba models as supported out of the box by Neba core.