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Lightning fast and simple content mapping for Apache Sling and Adobe AEM


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Lightning fast and simple content mapping for Apache Sling and Adobe AEM

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NEBA in a nutshell

Map Content using a lightweight, well documented API. Use lazy loading and great tooling to deliver high-performance applications. Completely compatible with Sling Models, HTL (Sightly), JSP and any application build atop the Sling API.

Optional Spring integration

NEBA optionally integrates the Spring framework, making available all of Spring's features, including Spring MVC. Spring is integrated using gemini blueprint, the OSGi Blueprint specification reference implementation.

Downloading artifacts

NEBA releases are published to maven central. The configuration as well as further information are available at


The project documentation resides at

License and included licenses

NEBA is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0. For the licenses of included products, see NOTICE

Getting support

Consult the documentation or ask a question in the site comments at, Tweet to @nebaframework ask a question at Stack overflow or drop us a mail at neba at

Building from source

NEBA uses a Maven based build. invoking

mvn clean install

In the project's root directory will build and install NEBA. We are using git flow, yo you might want to do so on the "develop" branch.

Releasing NEBA


NEBA is released using the [maven jGitFlow plugin] ( Releasing requires modification rights for the neba github repository and the ability to sign and upload the artifacts to the sonatype OSS staging repository. Finally, the release must be accompanied by a release notes blog post published via the gh-pages branch and an announcement on Twitter.


To release NEBA, credentials for the sonatype OSS repository are required, and must be configured in the maven settings.xml, like so:


In addition, a GPG installation executable from the maven-gpg-plugin must be installed on the local system, e.g. GPG4Win on windows. As the delivery artifacts are signed, you require a valid key pair, and the public key must have been distributed to a public key server.

Furthermore, JDK 1.8 is required for building and releasing NEBA.

Write a release post for the site

In a separate clone of the git repo, checkout the gh-pages branch and write a release post, such as Testing the site locally requires running Jekyll, see

Perform the release


mvn -Prelease jgitflow:release-start

and enter the desired release version. We are using the versioning scheme x.x.x, e.g. "4.10.1". All artifacts must have the same release version.

Then, invoke

mvn -Prelease jgitflow:release-finish

Resulting, the artifacts are pushed to the sonatype OSS staging repository

Test staged release artifacts

Login to and select "Staging Repositories".

In the list of repositories, select the io-neba staging repo. Download the AEM and Sling deliveries and test them on the local system by installing them and testing that all contained bundles are started properly.

Then, browse the remaining artifacts (e.g. api, core) in the repository and make sure that the jar, source-jar and javadoc-jar artifacts are present.

Release the staged repository

In, select the tested neba staging repository and click "close".

This triggers an automated workflow testing the repository for compliance. Once this process has finished (after a few minutes), click on "Release".

Push the release

On you local system, push the develop and master branch as well as the tags, e.g. using

git push --tags

Publish the release blog post

simply push the new blog post on the gh-pages branch - the site is updated automatically.

Publication on twitter

Publications are announced via the official @nebaframework twitter channel and must contain the tag #nebaframework. Tweets with this tag are automatically featured on the home page.