Solidity contracts implementing the UNIC Advertising Network
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UNIC Smart Contracts

These are the smart contracts which will power the Ethereum side of our platform. The following are included:

  1. UNICToken
  2. UNICPlatform


UNICToken is an ERC20 Token with added features enabling the UNIC contract to:

  • send out tokens from the token sale
  • finalise the token sale according to previously agreed up terms
  • approve the UNICPlatform contract to transfer tokens
  • be tradable amongst users
  • be tradable on exchanges
  • be upgradeable


UNICPlatform will be the contract that will be able to:

  • lock in UNICToken through transferFrom, an ERC20 standard function
  • release UNICToken after November 30, 2018
  • transfer UNICToken from and to users address


API overview

The API supports HTTP and HTTPS.

API Usage

Request types

There are two general types of request:

request description
?get_widget Request to UNIC PPS API to get widget content
?store_address Store visitor Ethereum address in UNIC referal data base.

API Fields

get_widget request to UNIC API server contain following fields:

  • public_key
  • widget_type (wordpress, joomla, drupal, dle, magento, php, html)

store_address request to UNIC API server contain following fields:

  • public_key
  • pub_id
  • eth_address
  • user_ip

Result types

request result type
?get_widget returns a JavaScript code of widget.
?store_address return a JSON with status: 1 or 0


Widget JavaScript code content include HTML form with offer for visitor of advertiser's website to:

  • Get agree with UNIC terms;
  • Fill out a form with Ethereum address, from which visitor would transfer ETH to advertiser smart-contract to buy advertiser's tokens.

On form submition widget send API request to UNIC API server with ?store_address request. On submition complete visitor get access to advertiser's smart-contract address.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details