Write simple and nicely formated letters in Markdown syntax.
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This completely new version has some amazing new features.

  • jQueryMobile GUI
  • Optimized for iPad
  • Optimized preview
  • Send PDF by E-Mail
  • Edit mode with monospace font

The problem

Writing a formal letter is not always a simple thing. Even though composing the content of the letter may only take a few minutes, creating the actual document and getting the formatting right takes much much more time than it really should. This is where markdownletter enters the story.

The markdownletter approach

Since formal letters need to look, well, formal you do not want to add more formatting than needed. With markdownletter you can write your letters in Markdown while following a few conventions. When you're done you can create a pdf document which you can then print right away.

MarkdownLetter should be the most simple way to write letters. No worries about versions and compatibility of your office suite or cross-platform issues.

Just good old plain text. That's it!


To see a demo and to create your letter in a snap simply visit MarkdownLetter.


Download mPDF v5.4 from mpdf. Unzip folder into /lib/mpdf/.