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All MagicBox projects and repositories underneath the UNICEF GitHub organization are listed here. To learn more about each project, see the README in each repository.

Repository Description Maintainers
unicef/magicbox Documentation and other general resources related to MagicBox @mikefab, @jflory7
unicef/magicbox-admins-to-airports Given airports with incorrect administrative boundaries, query and check against Google API for location data and create CSV output for corrected administrative boundaries @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-aggregate-mobility Aggregate Amadeus mobility data by administrative boundary to produce CSV output @mikefab, @carloscdias
unicef/-magicbox-aggregate-raster-admin @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-aggregate-raster-shapefile @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-latlon-admin-server API that takes latitude/longitude pairs, and returns an ID and metadata for the administrative boundaries they're located within @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-maps @mikefab, @ayanez17
unicef/magicbox-open-api API to serve open data aggregated by administrative boundaries @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-maps-prototype A no-backend prototype that visualizes mobility, school connectivity, and other socio-economic indicators @mikefab, @thoat
unicef/magicbox-kepler-demo A new UI for MagicBox Maps, making use of Uber's KeplerGL @mikefab, @marcellamaki
unicef/magicbox-aad-app Allows our ReactJS app to work with Microsoft Azure Active Directory @mikefab
unicef/magicbox-multihop-mobility SQL code to calculate multi-hop mobility @marcellamaki

Note: Another way to find all MagicBox-related repos is to go to UNICEF GitHub mainpage and enter the search term "magicbox", like here. There you'll be able to see which repos are under more active development than the others.

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