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Candidates for Digital Public Goods
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Candidates for Digital Public Goods

This repository is used to manage the process of adding candidates for consideration as Digital Global Public Goods. This is one of four interconnected repositories; refer to the publicgoods-website for an overview.

How to submit a new candidate for a Digital Public Good

  1. Go to the candidates folder, and click on Create new file
  2. Name the new file with the name of the digital public good (or its initalism if the name is too long), and .json as the extension. For example: wikipedia.json or dhis2.json
  3. Use the template from the section below to include the requested information. Be sure to include the fields marked REQUIRED with the corresponding information, as well as any OPTIONAL fields. Delete any lines marked OPTIONAL that you don't want to submit.
  4. Scroll down and accept the suggested field for the commit message Create <filename>, and choose Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request. Click on Propose new file
  5. You are taken to a new page where you can leave a comment about the file you are about to propose to add, and finally click on Create Pull Request
  6. Wait for the green checkmark to say All checks have passed to have confirmation that the file complies with the expected format, and is ready to merge pending a review.


        "name": "REQUIRED",
        "initialism": "OPTIONAL",
        "description": "REQUIRED",
        "license": "REQUIRED",
        "license_link": "OPTIONAL",
        "website": "REQUIRED",
        "SDGs": [REQUIRED, list SDGs by number],
        "type": [REQUIRED, multiple choice from "software", "data", "standards"]

Requirements and Considerations

For those projects that match the initial set of requirements, anyone can open a Pull Request on this repository as a submission following these guidelines:

  • Data for each candidate is stored as a JSON file. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.
  • Each candidate json file is kept under the candidates/ folder, add yours there. Use any other of the existing candidates as a reference for what fields to include, and how to enter the required information.
  • Each candidate json file is validated using the JSON-schema found at the root of this repository: candidate-schema.json. Each submission needs to pass the automated validation (continuous-integration/travis-ci) before being merged into the existing repository.

From the set of candidate json files, this list of Digital Global Public Goods is automatically generated and kept in sync with the contents of this repo.

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