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RapidSMS Uganda Common

This module contains some common utilities used across RapidSMS (applications).


Uganda Common reuses code that can be found in. Include the following on your python/django PATH - rapidsms (mostly needed for custom template tags, this lets you have on-the-fly features such as tabs) - dango-eav - rapidsms-generic (common UI elements in the RapidSMS framework e.g. time slider, map renderer, and lots of others)

Code Structure

  • templates (a directory)


Using Uganda common, the following functions can be re-used across your project. This is a piece by piece teardown analysis of rapidsms-uganda-common and what you can do with it.


The module currently has a class that creates a DateRange form.

The module has utilities that

The python module has the following awesomeness:

  • basic datetime computation with functions that will allow you to calendar related output from

python objects (such as model instances), they include:

  • previous calendar week
  • previous calendar month
  • and a number of others (please use the help() function to learn more about the modules, some inline documentation has

been added)