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  1. Available solvers with hybrid approximation
  2. Meeting points for users and developers
  3. Available OpenFOAM versions
  4. Derived projects
  5. Research studies where the library was useful
  6. For citation

Available solvers with hybrid approximation

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United collection of hybrid Central solvers - one-phase, two-phase and multicomponent versions.

Only OpenFOAM+ version of the OpenFOAM technology is supported since 2018. Use branches digitef-dev-YYMM, where YYMM - corresponds to OpenFOAM+ version, for example 1812

  1. pimpleCentralFoam - Pressure-based semi implicit solver for compressible flow of perfect gas solver based on central-upwind schemes of Kurganov and Tadmor with LTS support for steady-state calculations

  2. rhoPimpleCentralFoam - Pressure-based semi implicit solver for compressible flow of real gas solver based on central-upwind schemes of Kurganov and Tadmor and LTS support for steady-state calculations

  3. pimpleCentralDyMFoam - Pressure-based semi implicit solver for compressible flow of perfect gas solver based on central-upwind schemes of Kurganov and Tadmor with mesh motion and LTS support for steady-state calculations

  4. reactingPimpleCentralFoam - Pressure-based semi implicit solver for compressible flow solver based on central-upwind schemes of Kurganov and Tadmor for combustion with chemical reactions and LTS support for steady-state calculations

  5. twoPhaseMixingCentralFoam - Transient Eulerian two-phase solver. Liquid and gas are considered as compressible fluids. Mass transfer at the interface is not accounted.

  6. twoPhaseMixingCentralDyMFoam - Transient Eulerian two-phase solver with dynamic meshes. Liquid and gas are considered as compressible fluids. Mass transfer at the interface is not accounted.

  7. chtMultiRegionCentralFoam - Pressure-based semi implicit solver, which is based on hybrid central-upwind schemes of Kurganov and Tadmor for conjugate simulation of compressible flows of perfect gas (Mach number is ranging from 0 to 6) and solid body heat transfer.

  8. interTwoPhaseCentralFoam - pressure-based solver for compressible (0-4 Mach numbers) flow of two-phase media with account to viscosity and gravity. The solver utilizes VoF method for resolution of phase interface and ACID technique ( to calculate properties in the region where both phases are present.

Meeting points for users and developers

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You can discuss questions of hybridCentralSolvers usage at Telegram Group:

There is a ResearchGate project dedicated to the development of hybridCentralSolvers library

Available OpenFOAM versions

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The library is available for next versions of OpenFOAM:

Derived projects

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The library or approach were used in next projects:

Research studies where the library was useful

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If you want to see your research in this list, please write to Issues .

>>>>> 2022 <<<<<

Title Description
Implementation of Higher-order PIMPLE Algorithm for Time Marching Analysis of Transonic Wing Compressibility Effects with High Mach Pre-conditioning: Article High-speed streamlines around the aircraft wing
An extension of the all-Mach number pressure-based solution framework for numerical modelling of two-phase flows with interface: Article Comparison of experimental and calculated Shlieren fields for the case of blast and droplet interaction
Numerical simulation of forced acoustic gas oscillations with large amplitude in closed tube: Article Comparison of calculation and experimental measurements
Dynamics of the current shell in a self-compressing plasma charge with additional gas injection (in Russian, Динамика токовой оболочки в самосжимающемся плазменном разряде с дополнительной инжекцией газа): Article D2 mass fraction in camera
URANS Analysis of a Launch Vehicle Aero-Acoustic Environment: Article Noise emittance sketch
A study of the mesh effect on a rocket plume simulation: Article Gas plume after nozzle exit
Analysis of the ignition induced by shock wave focusing equipped with conical and hemispherical reflectors: Article Temperature distribution
Three-dimensional Effects in Dual-pulse Laser Energy Deposition: Article Plasma pulse

>>>>> 2021 <<<<<

Title Description
The Eulerian–Lagrangian Approach for the Numerical Investigation of an Acoustic Field Generated by a High-Speed Gas-Droplet Flow: Article Jet with particles Logo
Numerical Study of Thermoacoustic Waves in a Cavity under Rapid Wall Heating: Article Variation of the component of velocity
Real-Gas Effects and Single-Phase Instabilities during Injection, Mixing and Combustion under High-Pressure Conditions: PhD Thesis p-T diagram of a jet injection
Dynamics of detonation transmission and propagation in a curved chamber: a numerical and experimental analysis: Article Experiment vs calculation
Modelling of Supersonic and Subsonic Flows Using Hybrid PressureBased Solver in Openfoam: Article Schematic of Bluff body burner

>>>>> 2020 <<<<<

Title Description
Numerical simulation of transpiration cooling experiments in supersonic flow using OpenFOAM : Article Schematic illustration of the applied porous interface model
On uncertainty quantification via the ensemble of independent numerical solutions: Article Flow scheme
Influence of hydrogen equivalence ratios on supersonic combustion based on large eddy simulations: Article Model scramjet
A quasi-direct numerical simulation solver for compressible reacting flows: Article Data exchange between OpenFOAM and Cantera
Enhanced Pressure Based Coupled Algorithm to Combine with Pressure–Velocity-Enthalpy for all Mach Number Flow: Article Original pressure based p–h coupled algorithm
Pressure-Based Solution Framework for Non-Ideal Flows at All Mach Numbers: Article Fully developed jet structure of a n-hexane jet injected into a quiescent nitrogen atmosphere
Entwicklung eines Simulationsmodells für Schaltlichtbögen in Überspannungsableitern: PhD Thesis Spark
A pressure-based solution framework for sub- and supersonic flows considering real-gas effects and phase separation under engine-relevant conditions: Article Jet visualization
Mixing and Autoignition of Underexpanded Methane Jets at High Pressure Conditions: PhD Thesis, Results of computations with hybrid approach were used as reference for STAR-CCM CFD and CMC approaches

>>>>> 2019 <<<<<

Title Description
Numerical method to simulate detonative combustion of hydrogen-air mixture in a containment: Article Containement
Numerical investigation of the auto-ignition of transient hydrogen injection in supersonic airflow: Article Shadowgraph of the jet
Verification on the Ensemble of Independent Numerical Solutions: Article Solvers comparison
Computational Study of Reactants Mixing in a Rotating Detonation Combustor Using Compressible RANS: Article Detailed shock structure of the baseline flow case in the injection region derived from the Mach number contour plot at the longitudinal mid-plane
Numerical investigation of the flow characteristics of underexpanded methane jets: Article Methane jets flow visualization
The numerical simulation of compressible jet at low Reynolds number using OpenFOAM: Article Q-criterion for Re3600 Ma0.9 jet
Rocket plume URANS simulation using OpenFOAM: Article Rocket plume shadowgraph
Numerische Modellierung und Untersuchung der Hochdruckeindüsung nicht-idealer Fluide bei überkritischen Druckverhältnissen (in German): PhD Thesis Jets with separation

>>>>> 2018 <<<<<

Title Description
Real-Gas Effects and Phase Separation in Underexpanded Jets at Engine-Relevant Conditions: Article Jet development history
Analysis of the Accuracy of OpenFOAM Solvers for the Problem of Supersonic Flow Around a Cone: Article Cone sketch
Development of a new OpenFOAM solver using regularized gas dynamic equations: Article Ladenburgh jet
A hybrid pressure-based solver for nonideal single-phase fluid flows at all speeds: Article Experiment vs. calculation
Comparison of the Performance of Open-Source and Commercial CFD Packages for Simulating Supersonic Compressible Jet Flows: Article Airbag computational domain sketch
Numerical modelling of two-dimensional perfect gas flows using RKDG method on unstructured meshes: Article RKDG (a) vs. rhoPimpleCentralFoam (b)
CFD methodologies for compressible atomising and cavitating multi-phase flows: PhD Thesis Jet iso contours

>>>>> 2017 <<<<<

Title Description
Numerical investigation on an array of Helmholtz resonators for the reduction of micro-pressure waves in modern and future high-speed rail tunnel systems: Article Helmholtz resonantors array mesh
Comparative Study of the Accuracy for OpenFOAM Solvers: Article Flow around the cone
Analysis of Radiation Discretization for Modelling a Spark Gap for Surge Currents : Article Spark sketch
Numerical analysis of cavitation about marine propellers using a compressible multiphase VOF fractional step method: Article Comparison of cavitation morphology between cFSMVOF and other commercial/open-source codes
Computational analysis and mitigation of micro-pressure waves in high-speed train tunnels: PhD Thesis Typical high speed train
Numerical study of characteristic modes and frequencies of flow in high-speed compressors (in English): Article ERCOFTAC Pump sketch
Implementation of the solver for coupled simulation for heat transfer in gas and solid - 12th OpenFOAM Workshop: Presentation Problem statement
Numerical modelling of compressible flows with hybrid approximation of convective fluxes (In Russian): PhD Thesis Comparison of density and pressure based approaches
Application of open-source software for industrial problems of vehicle lift-off gas dynamics (in Russian): Article Comparison of Eggers experiment with calculation
Optimization for Internal Turbulent Compressible Flows Using Adjoints: Article Porosity and velocity fields

>>>>> 2016 <<<<<

Title Description
On the Stability of Supersonic Boundary Layers with Injection: PhD Thesis Scheme of boundary layer interaction with jet
Study of capabilities of hybrid scheme for advection terms approximation in mathematical models of compressible flows (in Russian): Article Liquid ring vacuum pump
LES Discretization Methods for Unstructured Meshes Based on the Finite Volume Method: Article Vorticity: Flow around cylinder

For citation

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When using these solvers, please cite the following works: