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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ldml SYSTEM "../../common/dtd/ldml.dtd">
<!-- Copyright © 1991-2019 Unicode, Inc.
For terms of use, see
Unicode and the Unicode Logo are registered trademarks of Unicode, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
CLDR data files are interpreted according to the LDML specification (
Warnings: All cp values have U+FE0F characters removed. See /annotationsDerived/ for derived annotations.
<version number="$Revision$"/>
<language type="ga"/>
<annotation cp="🏻">ton cnis | ton cnis geal | ton cnis gheal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏻" type="tts">ton cnis gheal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏼">ton cnis | ton cnis meánach-gheal | ton cnis mheánach-gheal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏼" type="tts">ton cnis mheánach-gheal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏽">ton cnis | ton cnis meánach | ton cnis mheánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏽" type="tts">ton cnis mheánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏾">ton cnis | ton cnis meánach-dhorcha | ton cnis mheánach-dhorcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏾" type="tts">ton cnis mheánach-dhorcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏿">ton cnis | ton cnis dhorcha | ton cnis dorcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏿" type="tts">ton cnis dhorcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="😀">gáire | meangadh | straoiseog ghealgháireach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😀" type="tts">straoiseog ghealgháireach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😃">béal ar oscailt | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le súile móra</annotation>
<annotation cp="😃" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le súile móra</annotation>
<annotation cp="😄">béal ar oscailt | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le bhéal oscailte agus súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog ag gáire le súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog ag gáire le súile le miongháire | súile ag gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😄" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le súile le miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😁">gáire | meangadh | straoiseag gáire le súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog gháire le súile &amp; miongháire | straoiseog gháire le súile ag déanamh miongháire | súile ag gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😁" type="tts">straoiseog gháire le súile &amp; miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😆">béal ar oscailt | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le súile dúnta | súile dúnta go dlúth</annotation>
<annotation cp="😆" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le súile dúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😅">béal ar oscailt | fuarallas | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le fuarallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="😅" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le fuarallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤣">aghaidh | gáire | sna tríthí | sna trithí gáire | urlár</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤣" type="tts">sna trithí gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😂">deora áthais | straoiseog le deora áthais</annotation>
<annotation cp="😂" type="tts">straoiseog le deora áthais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙂">aghaidh | miongháire | straoiseog ag miongháire de bheagán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙂" type="tts">straoiseog ag miongháire de bheagán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙃">aghaidh | bonn os cionn | straoiseog bun os cionn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙃" type="tts">straoiseog bun os cionn</annotation>
<annotation cp="😉">aghaidh | caochadh | straoiseog ag caochadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😉" type="tts">straoiseog ag caochadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😊">meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog aoibhiúil le súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog aoibhiúil le súile le miongháire | súile ag gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😊" type="tts">straoiseog aoibhiúil le súile le miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😇">fáinne solais | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le luan</annotation>
<annotation cp="😇" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le luan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥰">croíthe | grá | miongháire | splanctha | straoiseog ag miongháire le croíthe | straoiseog le croíthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥰" type="tts">straoiseog ag miongháire le croíthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="😍">meangadh gáire | staoiseog ag gáire le croíthe ina súile | straoiseog ag gáire le croíthe ina shúile | súile i bhfoirm croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="😍" type="tts">staoiseog ag gáire le croíthe ina súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤩">aghaidh | meangadh | réalta | straoiseog faoi gheasa | súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤩" type="tts">straoiseog faoi gheasa</annotation>
<annotation cp="😘">aghaidh | póg | straoiseog ag séideadh póige</annotation>
<annotation cp="😘" type="tts">straoiseog ag séideadh póige</annotation>
<annotation cp="😗">aghaidh | póg | straoiseog ag pógadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😗" type="tts">straoiseog ag pógadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="">éadan | éadan straoiseoige | éadan straoiseoige neamhlíonta | straoiseog ag miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">straoiseog ag miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😚">póg | pógadh | straoiseog ag pógadh le súile dúnta | súile dúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😚" type="tts">straoiseog ag pógadh le súile dúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😙">póg | pógadh | straoiseog ag pógadh le súile ag déanamh miongháire | straoiseog ag pógadh le súile le miongháire | súile ag gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😙" type="tts">straoiseog ag pógadh le súile le miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😋">aghaidh ag baint taitnimh as bia blasta | bia | blasta | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag baint taitneamh as bia blasta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😋" type="tts">straoiseog ag baint taitneamh as bia blasta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😛">aghaidh | straoiseog le teanga amach | teanga</annotation>
<annotation cp="😛" type="tts">straoiseog le teanga amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😜">caochadh | straoiseog ag caochadh le teanga amach | straoiseog le teanga amach agus súil á caochadh | teanga ag gobadh amach | teanga churtha amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😜" type="tts">straoiseog ag caochadh le teanga amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤪">beag | mór | straoiseog chraiceáilte | súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤪" type="tts">straoiseog chraiceáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😝">straoiseog le teanga amach agus súile dúnta | súile dúnta go dlúth | teanga ag gobadh amach | teanga churtha amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😝" type="tts">straoiseog le teanga amach agus súile dúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤑">aghaidh | airgead | béal | straoiseog le hairgead ina béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤑" type="tts">straoiseog le hairgead ina béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤗">ag beir barróg | aghaidh | barróg | straoiseog ag tabhairt barróige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤗" type="tts">straoiseog ag tabhairt barróige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤭">aghaidh le lámha ar an mbéal | straoiseog lena lámh ar a béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤭" type="tts">straoiseog lena lámh ar a béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤫">ciúnas | straoiseog chiúin | tost</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤫" type="tts">straoiseog chiúin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤔">ag smaoineamh | aghaidh | straoiseog ag smaoineamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤔" type="tts">straoiseog ag smaoineamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤐">aghaidh | béal | sip | straoiseog le béal zipeáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤐" type="tts">straoiseog le béal zipeáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤨">aghaidh | aghaidh le mala ardaithe | amhras | sceipteach | straoiseog le mala ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤨" type="tts">straoiseog le mala ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="😐">aghaidh neodrach | neodrach | straoiseog neodrach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😐" type="tts">straoiseog neodrach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😑">féachaint fholamh | féachaint folamh | gnúis dhúrúnta | straoiseog le haghaidh fholamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😑" type="tts">straoiseog le haghaidh fholamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😶">aghaidh gan bhéal | straoiseog gan bhéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="😶" type="tts">straoiseog gan bhéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="😏">siotgháire | straoiseog ag déanamh seitgháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😏" type="tts">straoiseog ag déanamh seitgháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😒">aghaidh mhíshásta | míshásta | straoiseog mhíshásta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😒" type="tts">straoiseog mhíshásta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙄">aghaidh | straoiseog le súile ag casadh | suas chun na bhflaitheas | súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙄" type="tts">straoiseog le súile ag casadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😬">aghaidh | grainc | straoiseog le cár uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😬" type="tts">straoiseog le cár uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤥">aghaidh | bréaga | pinocchio | straoiseog ag insint bréag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤥" type="tts">straoiseog ag insint bréag</annotation>
<annotation cp="😌">aghaidh | faoiseamh | straoiseog a bhfuil faoiseamh uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😌" type="tts">straoiseog a bhfuil faoiseamh uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😔">machnamhach | smaointeach | straoiseog mhachnamhach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😔" type="tts">straoiseog mhachnamhach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😪">aghaidh | codladh | straoiseog chodlatach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😪" type="tts">straoiseog chodlatach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤤">aghaidh | prislíneacht | straoiseog ag prislíneacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤤" type="tts">straoiseog ag prislíneacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="😴">codladh | ina chodladh | straoiseog ina codladh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😴" type="tts">straoiseog ina codladh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😷">aghaidh agus masc uirthi | masc | masc máinliachta | straoiseog le masc leighis | tinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="😷" type="tts">straoiseog le masc leighis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤒">aghaidh | aghaidh le teirmiméadar | breoite | straoiseog le teirmiméadar | teirmiméadar | tinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤒" type="tts">straoiseog le teirmiméadar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤕">aghaidh | aghaidh le bindealán ar a cheann | bindealán | dochar | gortaithe | straoiseog le bindealán ar a ceann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤕" type="tts">straoiseog le bindealán ar a ceann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤢">breoite | fonn múisce | masmas | straoiseog bhreoite | tinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤢" type="tts">straoiseog bhreoite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤮">aghaidh ag cur amach | straoiseog ag cur amach | tinn | urlacan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤮" type="tts">straoiseog ag cur amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤧">aghaidh | sraoth | straoiseog ag sraotharthach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤧" type="tts">straoiseog ag sraotharthach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥵">ag cur allais | fiabhrasach | straoiseog dhearg | straoiseog the | stróc treasa | te</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥵" type="tts">straoiseog the</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥶">coinlíní reo | dó seaca | fuar | préachta | straoiseog fhuar | straoiseog ghrom</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥶" type="tts">straoiseog fhuar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥴">ar meisce | béal corrach | meabhránach | ólta | straoiseog trína chéile | súile míchothroma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥴" type="tts">straoiseog trína chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="😵">aghaidh | meadhránach | straoiseog mheadhránach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😵" type="tts">straoiseog mheadhránach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤯">croitheadh bainte | straoiseog lena ceann ag pléasadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤯" type="tts">straoiseog lena ceann ag pléasadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤠">aghaidh | buachaill bó | cailín | hata | hata buachaill bó | straoiseog le hata buachaill bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤠" type="tts">straoiseog le hata buachaill bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥳">ceiliúradh | cóisir | corn | hata | straoiseog chóisireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥳" type="tts">straoiseog chóisireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😎">meangadh gáire | spéaclaí gréine | straoiseog ag gáire le spéaclaí gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="😎" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le spéaclaí gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤓">aghaidh | aghaidh saoithíneach | geocach ríomhaire | saoithín | straoiseog shaoithíneach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤓" type="tts">straoiseog shaoithíneach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧐">aghaidh le leathspéacla | leathspéacla | straoiseog le leathspéacla | uasaicmeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧐" type="tts">straoiseog le leathspéacla</annotation>
<annotation cp="😕">measctha | straoiseog mhearaithe | trína chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="😕" type="tts">straoiseog mhearaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="😟">imní | straoiseog imníoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="😟" type="tts">straoiseog imníoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙁">aghaidh | grainc | straoiseog le mionghrainc uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙁" type="tts">straoiseog le mionghrainc uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aghaidh | grainc | straoiseog le grainc uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">straoiseog le grainc uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😮">béal ar oscailt | straoiseog le béal oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😮" type="tts">straoiseog le béal oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😯">ionadh | iontas | straoiseog ina tost | straoiseog thostach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😯" type="tts">straoiseog ina tost</annotation>
<annotation cp="😲">ionadh | iontas | straoiseog iontais</annotation>
<annotation cp="😲" type="tts">straoiseog iontais</annotation>
<annotation cp="😳">aghaidh dhearg | aghaidh lasta | mearbhall | straoiseog dhearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="😳" type="tts">straoiseog dhearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥺">impigh | straoiseog impíoch | súile coileáin | trócaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥺" type="tts">straoiseog impíoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="😦">aghaidh | ar oscailt | béal | grainc | straoiseag ghruama le béal oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😦" type="tts">straoiseag ghruama le béal oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😧">aghaidh | cráite | straoiseog chráite</annotation>
<annotation cp="😧" type="tts">straoiseog chráite</annotation>
<annotation cp="😨">eagla | faitíos | straoiseog eaglach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😨" type="tts">straoiseog eaglach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😰">allas | brostaigh | faoi dheifir | fuarallas | straoiseog fhaiteach le hallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="😰" type="tts">straoiseog fhaiteach le hallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="😥">díomá | faoiseamh | straoiseog a bhfuil díoma ach le faoiseamh | straoiseog a bhfuil díoma agus faoiseamh uirthi | straoiseog dhíomá | suaimhneas intinne</annotation>
<annotation cp="😥" type="tts">straoiseog a bhfuil díoma ach le faoiseamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="😢">caoineadh | deora | gol | straoiseog chaointeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😢" type="tts">straoiseog chaointeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😭">caoineadh go hard | deora | gol go hard | straoiseog ag caoineadh os ard | straoiseog chaointeach os ard</annotation>
<annotation cp="😭" type="tts">straoiseog ag caoineadh os ard</annotation>
<annotation cp="😱">béic | eagla | faitíos | scread | straoiseog ag béiceach amach le heagla</annotation>
<annotation cp="😱" type="tts">straoiseog ag béiceach amach le heagla</annotation>
<annotation cp="😖">mearbhall | straoiseog le mearbhall uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😖" type="tts">straoiseog le mearbhall uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😣">buanseasmhach | leanaim orm | straoiseog bhuanseasmhachta | straoiseog dhíocasach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😣" type="tts">straoiseog bhuanseasmhachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😞">díomá | straoiseog dhíomách</annotation>
<annotation cp="😞" type="tts">straoiseog dhíomách</annotation>
<annotation cp="😓">fuarallas | imní | straoiseog in ísle brí le fuarallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="😓" type="tts">straoiseog in ísle brí le fuarallas</annotation>
<annotation cp="😩">straoiseog thraochta | tuirse | tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😩" type="tts">straoiseog thraochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="😫">aghaidh | straoiseog thuirseach | tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😫" type="tts">straoiseog thuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥱">aghaidh ag méanfach | leamh | méanfach | tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥱" type="tts">aghaidh ag méanfach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😤">bua | mórtas | straoiseog le gal ón tsrón</annotation>
<annotation cp="😤" type="tts">straoiseog le gal ón tsrón</annotation>
<annotation cp="😡">pus | smut | straoiseog le puisín uirthi | straoiseog pus</annotation>
<annotation cp="😡" type="tts">straoiseog le puisín uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="😠">fearg | straoiseog fheargach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😠" type="tts">straoiseog fheargach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤬">eascainí | straoiseog le siombailí ar an mbéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤬" type="tts">straoiseog le siombailí ar an mbéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="😈">adharca | meangadh gáire | straoiseog ag gáire le hadharca</annotation>
<annotation cp="😈" type="tts">straoiseog ag gáire le hadharca</annotation>
<annotation cp="👿">diaibhlín | straoiseog fheargach le hadharca</annotation>
<annotation cp="👿" type="tts">straoiseog fheargach le hadharca</annotation>
<annotation cp="💀">blaosc</annotation>
<annotation cp="💀" type="tts">blaosc</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aghaidh | arracht | bás | blaosc | blaosc agus croschnámah | bloasc agus cnámha crosáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">blaosc agus croschnámah</annotation>
<annotation cp="💩">cac | carn caca</annotation>
<annotation cp="💩" type="tts">carn caca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤡">aghaidh | bean ghrinn | fear grinn | fearr grinn | gáire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤡" type="tts">fearr grinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="👹">aghaidh | arrachtach | fathach | síscéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="👹" type="tts">fathach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👺">aghaidh | arrachtach | gruagach | síscéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="👺" type="tts">gruagach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👻">aghaidh | síscéal | taibhse</annotation>
<annotation cp="👻" type="tts">taibhse</annotation>
<annotation cp="👽">eachtardhomhandach | eachtrán | úfó</annotation>
<annotation cp="👽" type="tts">eachtrán</annotation>
<annotation cp="👾">arracht eachtráin | eachtrán arrachtaigh | úfó</annotation>
<annotation cp="👾" type="tts">arracht eachtráin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤖">aghaidh | arracht | róbat</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤖" type="tts">róbat</annotation>
<annotation cp="😺">aghaidh | cat | cat ag miongháire | meangadh | mionngháire | oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="😺" type="tts">cat ag miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😸">aghaidh | cat | meangadh | miongháire | straoiseog cait le súile le miongháire | súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="😸" type="tts">straoiseog cait le súile le miongháire</annotation>
<annotation cp="😹">aghaidh | áthas | cat | deora | straoiseog cait le deora áthais</annotation>
<annotation cp="😹" type="tts">straoiseog cait le deora áthais</annotation>
<annotation cp="😻">cat | croí | grá | meangadh | straoiseog cait le croíthe ina súile | súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="😻" type="tts">straoiseog cait le croíthe ina súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="😼">aghaidh | cat | dóite | íoróineach | meangadh | straoiseog cait le miongháire dóite</annotation>
<annotation cp="😼" type="tts">straoiseog cait le miongháire dóite</annotation>
<annotation cp="😽">aghaidh | cat | cat ag pógadh | póg | súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="😽" type="tts">cat ag pógadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙀">aghaidh | cat | iontas | oh | tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙀" type="tts">cat tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="😿">aghaidh | brón | cat | cat ag gol | deora | gol</annotation>
<annotation cp="😿" type="tts">cat ag gol</annotation>
<annotation cp="😾">aghaidh | cat | cat le puisín air | puisín</annotation>
<annotation cp="😾" type="tts">cat le puisín air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙈">moncaí | moncaí nach bhfeiceann aon olc | ná feic aon olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙈" type="tts">moncaí nach bhfeiceann aon olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙉">moncaí | moncaí nach gcloiseann aon olc | ná clois aon olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙉" type="tts">moncaí nach gcloiseann aon olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙊">moncaí | moncaí nach labhraíonn faoin olc | moncaí nach ndeir aon olc | ná labhair faoin olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙊" type="tts">moncaí nach ndeir aon olc</annotation>
<annotation cp="💋">beola | marc póg | póg</annotation>
<annotation cp="💋" type="tts">marc póg</annotation>
<annotation cp="💌">croí | grá | litir | litir ghrá</annotation>
<annotation cp="💌" type="tts">litir ghrá</annotation>
<annotation cp="💘">croí agus saighead | grá | saighead</annotation>
<annotation cp="💘" type="tts">croí agus saighead</annotation>
<annotation cp="💝">croí | croí le ribín</annotation>
<annotation cp="💝" type="tts">croí le ribín</annotation>
<annotation cp="💖">croí | croí ag lonrú | grá</annotation>
<annotation cp="💖" type="tts">croí ag lonrú</annotation>
<annotation cp="💗">croí | croí ag fás | grá</annotation>
<annotation cp="💗" type="tts">croí ag fás</annotation>
<annotation cp="💓">croí | croí ag preabadh | grá | preabadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="💓" type="tts">croí ag preabadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="💞">croíthe | croíthe ag rothlú</annotation>
<annotation cp="💞" type="tts">croíthe ag rothlú</annotation>
<annotation cp="💕">dhá chroí | grá</annotation>
<annotation cp="💕" type="tts">dhá chroí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💟">croí | maisiúchán croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💟" type="tts">maisiúchán croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="">comhartha uaillbhreasa croí | marc | poncaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">comhartha uaillbhreasa croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💔">brón | croí | croíbhriste</annotation>
<annotation cp="💔" type="tts">croíbhriste</annotation>
<annotation cp="">croí | croí dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">croí dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧡">croí | croí oráiste</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧡" type="tts">croí oráiste</annotation>
<annotation cp="💛">croí | croí buí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💛" type="tts">croí buí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💚">croí | croí glas</annotation>
<annotation cp="💚" type="tts">croí glas</annotation>
<annotation cp="💙">croí | croí gorm</annotation>
<annotation cp="💙" type="tts">croí gorm</annotation>
<annotation cp="💜">croí | croí corcra</annotation>
<annotation cp="💜" type="tts">croí corcra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤎">croí | donn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤎" type="tts">croí donn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖤">croí dubh | dona | dubh | gránna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖤" type="tts">croí dubh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤍">bán | croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤍" type="tts">croí bán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💯">100 | 100 pointe | scór iomlán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💯" type="tts">scór iomlán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💢">fearg | feargach | siombail feirge</annotation>
<annotation cp="💢" type="tts">siombail feirge</annotation>
<annotation cp="💥">plab | pléasc | torann</annotation>
<annotation cp="💥" type="tts">pléasc</annotation>
<annotation cp="💫">meadhrán | mearbhall | réaltaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💫" type="tts">meadhrán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💦">braonta | broainíní allais | stealladh | uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="💦" type="tts">broainíní allais</annotation>
<annotation cp="💨">rith | sciuird | tapa</annotation>
<annotation cp="💨" type="tts">rith</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕳">poll</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕳" type="tts">poll</annotation>
<annotation cp="💣">buama | pléascadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="💣" type="tts">buama</annotation>
<annotation cp="💬">bolgán | bolgán cainte | caint</annotation>
<annotation cp="💬" type="tts">bolgán cainte</annotation>
<annotation cp="👁‍🗨">bolgán cainte | finné | súil | súil i mbolgán cainte</annotation>
<annotation cp="👁‍🗨" type="tts">súil i mbolgán cainte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗨">bolgán cainte ar chlé | bolgán cainte chlé | caint | comhrá</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗨" type="tts">bolgán cainte ar chlé</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗯">ar buille | balún | bolgán | bolgán feirge ar dheis | bolgán feirge dheis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗯" type="tts">bolgán feirge ar dheis</annotation>
<annotation cp="💭">bolgán | bolgán smaointe | smaoineamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="💭" type="tts">bolgán smaointe</annotation>
<annotation cp="💤">codladh | srannadh | tuirseach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💤" type="tts">codladh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👋">croitheadh | lámh | lámh ag croitheadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👋" type="tts">lámh ag croitheadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤚">cúl | cúl láimhe in airde | in airde | lámh | lámh in airde</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤚" type="tts">cúl láimhe in airde</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖐">ar leathadh | corp | lámh | lámh le méara spréite | lámha suas lena mhéara ar leathadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖐" type="tts">lámh le méara spréite</annotation>
<annotation cp="">lámh ardaithe | páipéar</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">lámh ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖖">cuirtéis Bholcáin | lámh | méar | spock</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖖" type="tts">cuirtéis Bholcáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="👌">lámh | OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="👌" type="tts">lámh OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤏">lámh ag pinseáil | píosa beag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤏" type="tts">lámh ag pinseáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="">bua | lámh bua | lámh síocháin | lámh síochána</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">lámh síochána</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤞">ádh | ag súil | crosach | méara | méara crosach ar a chéile | méarsa trasna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤞" type="tts">méarsa trasna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤟">comhartha | comhartha ghrá | grá | lámh | téarma ceana</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤟" type="tts">comhartha grá</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤘">lámh | lámh na binne | lean ort | méar | siombail na n-adharc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤘" type="tts">siombail na n-adharc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤙">an lámh cur glao orm | glaoch | glaoigh orm | guthán | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤙" type="tts">an lámh cur glao orm</annotation>
<annotation cp="👈">corrmhéar | cúl cormhéar ag pointeáil ar chlé | cúl corrmhéire ag díriú ar chlé | lámh | méar</annotation>
<annotation cp="👈" type="tts">cúl corrmhéire ag díriú ar chlé</annotation>
<annotation cp="👉">corrmhéar | cúl cormhéar ag pointeáil ar dheis | cúl corrmhéire ag díriú ar dheis | lámh | méar</annotation>
<annotation cp="👉" type="tts">cúl corrmhéire ag díriú ar dheis</annotation>
<annotation cp="👆">corrmhéar | cúl cormhéar ag pointeáil suas | cúl corrmhéire ag díriú suas | lámh | méar</annotation>
<annotation cp="👆" type="tts">cúl corrmhéire ag díriú suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖕">corp | lámh | méar | méar láir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖕" type="tts">méar láir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👇">corrmhéar | cúl cormhéar ag pointeáil síos | cúl corrmhéire ag díriú síos | lámh | méar</annotation>
<annotation cp="👇" type="tts">cúl corrmhéire ag díriú síos</annotation>
<annotation cp="">corrmhéar | corrmhéar ag díriú suas | corrmhéar ag pointeáil suas | lámh | méar | suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">corrmhéar ag díriú suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="👍">moladh | OK | ordóg | ordóg suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="👍" type="tts">ordóg suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="👎">cáineadh | OK | ordóg | ordóg síos</annotation>
<annotation cp="👎" type="tts">ordóg síos</annotation>
<annotation cp="">carraig | dorn ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">dorn ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="👊">dorn | dorn atá chugat | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👊" type="tts">dorn atá chugat</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤛">ar chlé | dorn | dorn ar chlé</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤛" type="tts">dorn ar chlé</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤜">ar dheis | dorn | dorn ar dheis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤜" type="tts">dorn ar dheis</annotation>
<annotation cp="👏">bualadh bos | lámha</annotation>
<annotation cp="👏" type="tts">bualadh bos</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙌">ardú lámha | ceiliúradh | hurá | lámha ardaithe | na lámha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙌" type="tts">lámha ardaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="👐">lámha | lámha ar oscailt | lámha oscailte</annotation>
<annotation cp="👐" type="tts">lámha ar oscailt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤲">bos na láimhe ardaithe le chéile | bosa le chéile | paidir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤲" type="tts">bosa le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤝">aontú | beannú | croitheadh láimhe | croitheadh lámh | síocháin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤝" type="tts">croitheadh lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙏">ag guí | guí | lámh | lámha le chéile | paidir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙏" type="tts">lámha le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="">corp | lámh | lámh scríbhneoireachta | lámha scríbhneoireachta | scríobh</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">lámh scríbhneoireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="💅">cosmaidí | smideadh | vearnais ingne</annotation>
<annotation cp="💅" type="tts">vearnais ingne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤳">féinghraf | féinphic | pictiúr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤳" type="tts">féinphic</annotation>
<annotation cp="💪">bícéips | bícéips lúbtha | láidir | matáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="💪" type="tts">bícéips lúbtha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦾">inrochtaineacht | lámh mheicniúil | próistéiteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦾" type="tts">lámh mheicniúil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦿">cos mheicniúil | inrochtaineacht | próistéiteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦿" type="tts">cos mheicniúil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦵">cic | cos | géag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦵" type="tts">cos</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦶">cic | gread | troigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦶" type="tts">troigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👂">cluas</annotation>
<annotation cp="👂" type="tts">cluas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦻">cluas le háis éisteachta | deacrachtaí éisteachta | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦻" type="tts">cluas le háis éisteachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="👃">srón</annotation>
<annotation cp="👃" type="tts">srón</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧠">éirimiúil | inchinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧠" type="tts">inchinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦷">fiacal | fiaclóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦷" type="tts">fiacal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦴">cnámh | creatlach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦴" type="tts">cnámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👀">aghaidh | súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👀" type="tts">súile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👁">corp | súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="👁" type="tts">súil</annotation>
<annotation cp="👅">teanga | teanga amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👅" type="tts">teanga amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👄">béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="👄" type="tts">béal</annotation>
<annotation cp="👶">babaí | óg</annotation>
<annotation cp="👶" type="tts">babaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧒">leanbh | neodrach ó thaobh inscne de | óg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧒" type="tts">leanbh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👦">buachaill | óg</annotation>
<annotation cp="👦" type="tts">buachaill</annotation>
<annotation cp="👧">An Mhaighdean | cailín | óg | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="👧" type="tts">cailín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧑">aosach | neodrach ó thaobh inscne de</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧑" type="tts">aosach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱">duine le gruaig fhionn | duine: gruaig fhionn | fionn | gruaig</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱" type="tts">duine: gruaig fhionn</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨">fear</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨" type="tts">fear</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧔">duine | fear | fear: feasóg | feasóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧔" type="tts">fear: feasóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱‍♂">fear | fear: gruaig fhionn | fearr le gruaig fhionn | fionn | gruaig</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱‍♂" type="tts">fear: gruaig fhionn</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩">bean</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩" type="tts">bean</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱‍♀">bean | bean le gruaig fhionn | bean: gruaig fhionn | duine</annotation>
<annotation cp="👱‍♀" type="tts">bean: gruaig fhionn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧓">neodrach ó thaobh inscne de | sean | seanduine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧓" type="tts">seanduine</annotation>
<annotation cp="👴">fear | sean | seanfhear</annotation>
<annotation cp="👴" type="tts">seanfhear</annotation>
<annotation cp="👵">bean | sean | seanbhean</annotation>
<annotation cp="👵" type="tts">seanbhean</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍">duine | duine le púic air | gotha | gruama</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍" type="tts">duine le púic air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍‍♂">ag cur grainc | cor | fear | fear ag cur grainc | fear le púic air | fearann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍‍♂" type="tts">fear le púic air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍‍♀">ag cur grainc | baineann | bean | bean ag cur grainc | bean le púic uirthi | cor</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙍‍♀" type="tts">bean le púic uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎">duine | duine le phus orthu | duine le puisín air | duine pusach | gotha | pus | smut</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎" type="tts">duine le puisín air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎‍♂">cor | fear | fear le puisín air | fear le pus | fearann | pus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎‍♂" type="tts">fear le puisín air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎‍♀">baineann | bean | bean le puisín uirthi | bean le pus | cor | pus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙎‍♀" type="tts">bean le puisín uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅">bac | cosc | duine ag comharthú NÍL | níl cead</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅" type="tts">duine ag comharthú NÍL</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅‍♂">coiscthe | comhartha | cosc | fear | fear ag comharthú NÍL | fear ag rá níl | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅‍♂" type="tts">fear ag comharthú NÍL</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅‍♀">bean | bean ag comharthú NÍL | bean ag rá níl | coiscthe | comhartha | cosc | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙅‍♀" type="tts">bean ag comharthú NÍL</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆">ceart go leor | duine à dhéanamh OK | duine ag comharthú OK | gach rud i gceart | OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆" type="tts">duine ag comharthú OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆‍♂">ceart go leor | cor | fear | fear a aontaíonn | fear ag comharthú OK | fearann | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆‍♂" type="tts">fear ag comharthú OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆‍♀">baineann | bean | bean a aontaíonn | bean ag comharthú OK | ceart go leor | cor | lámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙆‍♀" type="tts">bean ag comharthú OK</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁">deasc faisnéise | duine lena lámh amach | faisnéis</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁" type="tts">duine lena lámh amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁‍♂">fear | fear le lámh amach | fear lena lámh amach | fearann | lámh amach | sotalach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁‍♂" type="tts">fear lena lámh amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁‍♀">baineann | bean | bean le lámh amach | bean lena lámh amach | lámh amach | sotalach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💁‍♀" type="tts">bean lena lámh amach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋">duine | duine ag ardú láimhe | duine lena lámh suas | gotha | lámh á hardú | sona</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋" type="tts">duine lena lámh suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋‍♂">cor | fear | fear le lámha suas | fear lena lámh suas | fearann | lámha suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋‍♂" type="tts">fear lena lámh suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋‍♀">baineann | bean | bean le lámha suas | bean lena lámh suas | cor | lámha suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙋‍♀" type="tts">bean lena lámh suas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏">bodhar | cluas | duine dall | éist | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏" type="tts">duine dall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏‍♂">bodhar | fear</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏‍♂" type="tts">fear bodhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏‍♀">bean | bean bhodhar | bodhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧏‍♀" type="tts">bean bhodhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇">aiféala | brón | duine ag umhlú | gabh mo leithscéal | tá brón orm</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇" type="tts">duine ag umhlú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇‍♂">fear | fear ag umhlú | gar | leithscéal | tá brón air | umhlaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇‍♂" type="tts">fear ag umhlú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇‍♀">bean | bean ag umhlú | comhartha | leithscéal | tá brón uirthi | umhlaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🙇‍♀" type="tts">bean ag umhlú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦">aghaidh | ar mire | bos | ciaptha | duine lena aghaidh ina bhos | lámh | ní chreidim</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦" type="tts">duine lena aghaidh ina bhos</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦‍♂">aghaidh i mbos | díchreideamh | fear | fear lena aghaidh i mbos | fear lena aghaidh ina bhos | fearann | mearú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦‍♂" type="tts">fear lena aghaidh ina bhos</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦‍♀">aghaidh i mbos | baineann | bean | bean lena haghaidh i mbos | bean lena haghaidh ina bos | díchreideamh | mearú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤦‍♀" type="tts">bean lena haghaidh ina bos</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷">croith | croitheadh | duine ag croitheadh | guaillí | níl a fhios agam</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷" type="tts">duine ag croitheadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷‍♂">aineolas | amhras | croitheach guaillí | fear | fear ag croitheadh | fear atá ag croitheadh a ghuaillí | is cuma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷‍♂" type="tts">fear ag croitheadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷‍♀">aiseolas | amhras | bean | bean ag coitheadh a guaillí | bean ag croitheadh | croitheadh guaillí | is cuma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤷‍♀" type="tts">bean ag croitheadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍⚕">altra | cúram sláinte | dochtúir | fear | oibrí sláinte fireann | teiripeoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍⚕" type="tts">oibrí sláinte fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍⚕">altra | bean | cúram sláinte | dochtúir | oibrí sláinte baineann | teiripeoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍⚕" type="tts">oibrí sláinte baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎓">céimí | fear | mac léinn | scoláire fir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎓" type="tts">scoláire fir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎓">bean | céimí | mac léinn | scoláire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎓" type="tts">scoláire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🏫">fear | múinteoir fireann | oide | ollamh | teagascóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🏫" type="tts">múinteoir fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🏫">bean | múinteoir baineann | oide | ollamh | teagascóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🏫" type="tts">múinteoir baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍⚖">breitheamh fireann | ceartas | fear | meá</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍⚖" type="tts">breitheamh fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍⚖">bean | breitheamh | breitheamh baineann | meá</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍⚖" type="tts">breitheamh baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🌾">fear | feirmeoir | feirmeoir fireann | garraíodóir | rainseoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🌾" type="tts">feirmeoir fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🌾">bean | feirmeoir | feirmeoir baineann | garraíodóir | rainseoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🌾" type="tts">feirmeoir baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🍳">chef | cócaire | cócaire fireann | fear</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🍳" type="tts">cócaire fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🍳">bean | chef | cócaire | cócaire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🍳" type="tts">cócaire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🔧">ceardaí | fear | leictreoir | meicneoir | meicneoir fireann | pluiméir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🔧" type="tts">meicneoir fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🔧">bean | ceardaí | leictreoir | meicneoir | meicneoir baineann | pluiméir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🔧" type="tts">meicneoir baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🏭">cóimeáil | fear | monarcha | oibrí | oibrí monarchan fireann | tionsclaíoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🏭" type="tts">oibrí monarchan fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🏭">bean | cóimeáil | monarcha | oibrí | oibrí monarchan baineann | tionsclaíoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🏭" type="tts">oibrí monarchan baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍💼">ailtire | bainisteoir | bóna bán | fear | gnó | oibrí oifige fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍💼" type="tts">oibrí oifige fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍💼">ailtire | bainisteoir | bean | bóna bán | gnó | oibrí oifige baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍💼" type="tts">oibrí oifige baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🔬">bitheolaí | ceimiceoir | eolaí | eolaí fireann | fear | fiscieoir | innealtoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🔬" type="tts">eolaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🔬">bean | bitheolaí | ceimiceoir | eolaí | eolaí baineann | fisiceoir | innealtóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🔬" type="tts">eolaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍💻">bogearraí | códóir | cruthaitheoir | fear | forbróir | teicneolaí | teicneolaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍💻" type="tts">teicneolaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍💻">aireagóir | bean | bogearraí | códóir | forbróir | teicneolaí | teicneolaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍💻" type="tts">teicneolaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎤">aisteoir | amhránaí | amhránaí fireann | fear | roc | siamóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎤" type="tts">amhránaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎤">aisteoir | amhránaí | baineann | bean | raic | réalta | siamsóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎤" type="tts">amhránaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎨">ealaíontóir | fear | fearann | pailéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🎨" type="tts">ealaíontóir fearann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎨">baineann | bean | ealaíontóir | pailéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🎨" type="tts">ealaíontóir baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍✈">eitleán | fear | fearann | píolóta | píolóta fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍✈" type="tts">píolóta fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍✈">baineann | bean | eitleán | píolóta</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍✈" type="tts">píolóta baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🚀">fear | fearann | roicéad | spáis | spásaire | spásaire fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🚀" type="tts">spásaire fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🚀">bean | fearann | roicéad | spáis | spásaire | spásaire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🚀" type="tts">spásaire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🚒">fear | fear múchta dóiteán | fearann | inneall dóiteáin | múchta dóiteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🚒" type="tts">fear múchta dóiteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🚒">baineann | bean | bean mhúchta dóiteán | inneall dóiteáin | múchta dóiteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🚒" type="tts">bean mhúchta dóiteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮">duine | garda | póilín | póilíní</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮" type="tts">póilín</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮‍♂">fear | fearann | garda | gardaí | oifigeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮‍♂" type="tts">garda</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮‍♀">baineann | bangharda | bean | garda | gardaí | oifigeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👮‍♀" type="tts">bangharda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵">bleachtaire | lorgaire | spiaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵" type="tts">bleachtaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵‍♂">bleachtaire | bleachtaire fireann | fear | fearann | lorgaire | spiaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵‍♂" type="tts">bleachtaire fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵‍♀">baineann | bean | bleachtaire | lorgaire | spiaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕵‍♀" type="tts">bleachtaire baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂">garda | garda an rí | saighdiúir</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂" type="tts">garda an rí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂‍♂">fear | fearann | garda | garda oifigeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂‍♂" type="tts">garda oifigeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂‍♀">baineann | bangharda oifigeach | bean | garda</annotation>
<annotation cp="💂‍♀" type="tts">bangharda oifigeach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷">oibrí tógála | tógálaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷" type="tts">tógálaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷‍♂">fear | fearann | foirgníocht | oibrí | oibrí foirgníochta fearann | tógálaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷‍♂" type="tts">tógálaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷‍♀">baineann | bean | foirgníocht | oibrí | oibrí foirgníochta baineann | tógálaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👷‍♀" type="tts">tógálaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤴">prionsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤴" type="tts">prionsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="👸">banphrionsa | síscéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="👸" type="tts">banphrionsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳">duine le turban air | fear le turban air | turban</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳" type="tts">duine le turban air</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳‍♂">fear | fear le turban | fear le turban air | fearann | turban</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳‍♂" type="tts">fear le turban air</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳‍♀">baineann | bean | bean le turban | bean le turban uirthi | turban</annotation>
<annotation cp="👳‍♀" type="tts">bean le turban uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="👲">fear le gua pi mao air | fear le hata air | hata</annotation>
<annotation cp="👲" type="tts">fear le gua pi mao air</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧕">bean le caifirín | caifirín | hijab</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧕" type="tts">bean le caifirín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤵">culaith | culaith dhinnéir | fear | fear le culaith air | seaicéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤵" type="tts">fear le culaith air</annotation>
<annotation cp="👰">bainis | brídeach | brídeog le caille uirthi | caille | pósadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="👰" type="tts">brídeog le caille uirthi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤰">ag iompar linbh | bean | bean ag iompar clainne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤰" type="tts">bean ag iompar clainne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤱">babaí | cíoch | cothú cíche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤱" type="tts">cothú cíche</annotation>
<annotation cp="👼">aingeal | aingeal óg</annotation>
<annotation cp="👼" type="tts">aingeal óg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎅">ceiliúradh | Daidí na Nollag | Nollaig | Saintí | San Nioclás | Santa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎅" type="tts">Daidí na Nollag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤶">bean | Bean Uí Claus | hata | hata nollag | nollaig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤶" type="tts">Bean Uí Claus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸">banlaoch | laoch | maith | sárchumhacht | sárlaoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸" type="tts">sárlaoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸‍♂">fear | fear-sárlaoch | laoch | maith | sárchumhacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸‍♂" type="tts">fear-sárlaoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸‍♀">ban-sárlaoch | banloach | bean | laoch | maith | sárchumhacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦸‍♀" type="tts">ban-sárlaoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹">an-drochdhuine | coirpeach | drochdhuine | olc | sárchumhacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹" type="tts">an-drochdhuine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹‍♂">coirpeach | drochdhuine | fear | fear-dhrochdhuine | olc | sárchumhacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹‍♂" type="tts">fear-dhrochdhuine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹‍♀">ban-drochdhuine | bean | coirpeach | drochdhuine | olc | sárchumhacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦹‍♀" type="tts">ban-drochdhuine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙">asarlaí | cailleach | draoi | duine draíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙" type="tts">duine draíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙‍♂">draoi | fear draíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙‍♂" type="tts">fear draíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙‍♀">bean dhraíochta | cailleach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧙‍♀" type="tts">bean dhraíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚">síog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚" type="tts">síog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚‍♂">sióg fearann | sióg fhireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚‍♂" type="tts">sióg fhireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚‍♀">sióg bhaineann | sióga baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧚‍♀" type="tts">sióg bhaineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛">Dracula | neamh-mharbh | vaimpír</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛" type="tts">vaimpír</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛‍♂">Dracula | fear | neamh-mharbh | vaimpír | vaimpír fhireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛‍♂" type="tts">vaimpír fhireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛‍♀">bean | neamh-mharbh | vaimpír baineann | vaimpír bhaineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧛‍♀" type="tts">vaimpír bhaineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜">duine murúch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜" type="tts">duine murúch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜‍♂">murúch fir | tríotón</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜‍♂" type="tts">murúch fir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜‍♀">bean | murúch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧜‍♀" type="tts">murúch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝">draíochtúil | lucharachán | síogaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝" type="tts">lucharachán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝‍♂">draíochtúil | síofra fireann | síogaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝‍♂" type="tts">síofra fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝‍♀">draíochtúil | síofra baineann | síofróg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧝‍♀" type="tts">síofra baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞">ginid | sióg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞" type="tts">ginid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞‍♂">fearann | ginid | ginid fhireann | sióg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞‍♂" type="tts">ginid fhireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞‍♀">baineann | ginid | ginid bhaineann | sióg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧞‍♀" type="tts">ginid bhaineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟">neamh-mharbh | zombaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟" type="tts">zombaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟‍♂">fearann | neamh-mharbh | zombaí | zombaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟‍♂" type="tts">zombaí fireann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟‍♀">baineann | neamh-mharbh | zombaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧟‍♀" type="tts">zombaí baineann</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆">duine ag fáil suathaireachta | suathaireacht | suathaireacht aghaidhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆" type="tts">duine ag fáil suathaireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆‍♂">aghaidh | fear | fear ag fáil suathaireacht ina aghaidh | fear ag fáil suathaireachta | fearann | suathaireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆‍♂" type="tts">fear ag fáil suathaireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆‍♀">aghaidh | baineann | bean | bean ag fáil suathaireacht ina haghaidh | bean ag fáil suathaireachta | suathaireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="💆‍♀" type="tts">bean ag fáil suathaireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇">bearradh gruaige | duine ag fáil bearradh gruaige | gruagaire | gruaig</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇" type="tts">duine ag fáil bearradh gruaige</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇‍♂">bearradh gruaige | fear | fear ag fáil bearradh gruaige | fearann</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇‍♂" type="tts">fear ag fáil bearradh gruaige</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag fáil bearradh gruaige | bearradh gruaige</annotation>
<annotation cp="💇‍♀" type="tts">bean ag fáil bearradh gruaige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶">coisí | siúlóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶" type="tts">coisí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶‍♂">fánaíocht | fear | fear ag siúl | fearann | siúl</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶‍♂" type="tts">fear ag siúl</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag siúl | fánaíocht | siúl</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚶‍♀" type="tts">bean ag siúl</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍">duine ina sheasamh | seasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍" type="tts">duine ina sheasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍‍♂">fear | fear ina sheasamh | seasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍‍♂" type="tts">fear ina sheasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍‍♀">bean | bean ina seasamh | seasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧍‍♀" type="tts">bean ina seasamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎">ar do ghlúine | duine ar a ghlúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎" type="tts">duine ar a ghlúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎‍♂">ar a ghlúine | fear | fear ar a ghlúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎‍♂" type="tts">fear ar a ghlúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎‍♀">ar a glúine | bean | bean ar a glúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧎‍♀" type="tts">bean ar a glúine</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦯">dall | fear | fear le cána | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦯" type="tts">fear le cána</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦯">bean | bean le cána | dall | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦯" type="tts">bean le cána</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦼">cathaoir rothaí | fear | fear i cathaoir rothaí innealta | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦼" type="tts">fear i cathaoir rothaí innealta</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦼">bean | bean i gcathaoir rothaí innealta | cathaoir rothaí | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦼" type="tts">bean i gcathaoir rothaí innealta</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦽">cathaoir rothaí | fear | fear i gcathaoir rothaí láimhe | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👨‍🦽" type="tts">fear i gcathaoir rothaí láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦽">bean | bean i gcathaoir rothaí láimhe | cathaoir rothaí | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="👩‍🦽" type="tts">bean i gcathaoir rothaí láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃">ag rith | maratón | reathaí | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃" type="tts">reathaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃‍♂">ag rásáil | ag rith | fear | fear ag rith | fearann | maratón</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃‍♂" type="tts">fear ag rith</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃‍♀">ag rásáil | ag rith | baineann | bean | bean ag rith | maratón</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏃‍♀" type="tts">bean ag rith</annotation>
<annotation cp="💃">bean ag damhsa | damhsa | damhsóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="💃" type="tts">bean ag damhsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕺">damhsa | fear ag damhsa | rince</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕺" type="tts">fear ag damhsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕴">culaith | fear | fear i gculaith gnó ar eadarbhuas | gnó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕴" type="tts">fear i gculaith gnó ar eadarbhuas</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯">cailín | cluasa coinín | daoine le chluasa coiníní ag ceiliúradh | daoine le cluasa coiníní orthu</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯" type="tts">daoine le cluasa coiníní orthu</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯‍♂">ag ceiliúradh | cluas coinín | fearann | fir | fir ag ceiliúradh | fir le cluasa coiníní orthu | rinceoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯‍♂" type="tts">fir le cluasa coiníní orthu</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯‍♀">ag ceiliúradh | baineann | cluas coinín | mná | mná ag ceiliúradh | mná le cluasa coiníní orthu | rinceoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="👯‍♀" type="tts">mná le cluasa coiníní orthu</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖">duine i seomra gaile | seomra allais | seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖" type="tts">duine i seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖‍♂">fear | fear i seomra gaile | seomra allais | seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖‍♂" type="tts">fear i seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖‍♀">bean | bean i seomra gaile | seomra allais | seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧖‍♀" type="tts">bean i seomra gaile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗">deapadóir | duine ag dreapadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗" type="tts">duine ag dreapadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗‍♂">dreapadóir | fear | fear ag dreapadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗‍♂" type="tts">fear ag dreapadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗‍♀">bean | bean ag dreapadóireacht | dreapadóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧗‍♀" type="tts">bean ag dreapadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤺">claíomh | duine ag pionsóireacht | pionsóir | pionsóireacht | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤺" type="tts">duine ag pionsóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏇">capall | capall rása | marcaí | rásaíocht | rásaíocht chapall | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏇" type="tts">rásaíocht capall</annotation>
<annotation cp="">scí | sciálaí | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">sciálaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏂">clár sneachta | clárscimeálaí sneachta | scimeáil sneachta | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏂" type="tts">clárscimeálaí sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌">duine ag imirt gailf | gailf | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌" type="tts">duine ag imirt gailf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌‍♂">fear | fear ag imirt gailf | fearann | gailf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌‍♂" type="tts">fear ag imirt gailf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag imirt gailf | gailf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏌‍♀" type="tts">bean ag imirt gailf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄">duine ag surfáil | spórt | surfáil | surfálaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄" type="tts">duine ag surfáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄‍♂">fear | fear ag surfáil | fearann | surfáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄‍♂" type="tts">fear ag surfáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag surfáil | surfáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏄‍♀" type="tts">bean ag surfáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣">bád | bád rámhaíochta | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣" type="tts">bád rámhaíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣‍♂">bád | bád iomartha | fear | fear ag iomair báid | fearann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣‍♂" type="tts">fear ag iomair báid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣‍♀">bád | bád iomartha | baineann | bean | bean ag iomair báid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚣‍♀" type="tts">bean ag iomair báid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊">snámh | snámhaí | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊" type="tts">snámhaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊‍♂">fear | fear ag snámh | fearann | snámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊‍♂" type="tts">fear ag snámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag snámh | snámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏊‍♀" type="tts">bean ag snámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="">duine le liathróid | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">duine le liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="⛹‍♂">fear | fear le liathróid | fearann | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="⛹‍♂" type="tts">fear le liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="⛹‍♀">baineann | bean | bean le liathróid | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="⛹‍♀" type="tts">bean le liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋">duine ag tógáil meachán | meáchan | tógálaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋" type="tts">duine ag tógáil meachán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋‍♂">fear | fear ag tógáil mheáchan | fearann | tógálaí meáchain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋‍♂" type="tts">fear ag tógáil mheáchan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋‍♀">baineann | bean ag tógáil mheáchan | tógálaí meáchain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏋‍♀" type="tts">bean ag tógáil mheáchan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴">rothaí | rothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴" type="tts">rothaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴‍♂">ag rothaíocht | fear | fear ag rothaíocht | fearann | rothaí | rothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴‍♂" type="tts">fear ag rothaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴‍♀">ag rothaíocht | baineann | bean | bean ag rothaíocht | rothaí | rothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚴‍♀" type="tts">bean ag rothaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵">rothaí | rothaí sléibhe | rothar | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵" type="tts">rothaí sléibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵‍♂">ag rothaíocht | fear ag rothaíocht sléibhe | fearann | rothaí | rothar | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵‍♂" type="tts">fear ag rothaíocht sléibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵‍♀">ag rothaíocht | baineann | bean | bean ag rothaíocht sléibhe | rothaí | rothar | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚵‍♀" type="tts">bean ag rothaíocht sléibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸">casadh | duine | rothalchleas | rothchasadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸" type="tts">rothchasadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸‍♂">cleas an rotha | fear | fear ag déanamh chleas an rotha | fear ag déanamh rothchasaidh | gleacaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸‍♂" type="tts">fear ag déanamh rothchasaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag rothchasadh | duine | gleacaíocht | rothchasadh | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤸‍♀" type="tts">bean ag rothchasadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼">coraí | coraíocht | duine | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼" type="tts">coraíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼‍♂">coraíocht | duine | fear | fearann | fir ag coraíocht | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼‍♂" type="tts">fir ag coraíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼‍♀">baineann | coraíocht | duine | mná | mná ag coraíocht | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤼‍♀" type="tts">mná ag coraíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽">duine | póló | snámh | spórt | uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽" type="tts">póló uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽‍♂">fear | fear ag imirt póló uisce | fearann | póló uisce | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽‍♂" type="tts">fear ag imirt póló uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag imirt póló uisce | póló uisce | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤽‍♀" type="tts">bean ag imirt póló uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾">duine | lámh | liathróid | liathróid láimhe | pinniú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾" type="tts">liathróid láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾‍♂">fear | fear ag imirt liathróid láimhe | fearann | liathróid láimhe | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾‍♂" type="tts">fear ag imirt liathróid láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾‍♀">baineann | bean | bean ag imirt liathróid láimhe | liathróid láimhe | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤾‍♀" type="tts">bean ag imirt liathróid láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹">ionramháil | lámhchleasaíocht | liathróid | scil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹" type="tts">lámhchleasaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹‍♂">fear | fear ag déanamh lámhchleasaíochta | fearann | iltascáil | lámhchleasaíocht | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹‍♂" type="tts">fear ag déanamh lámhchleasaíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹‍♀">ag déanamh lámhchleasaíocht | baineann | bean | bean ag déanamh lámhchleasaíocht | bean ag déanamh lámhchleasaíochta | iltascáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤹‍♀" type="tts">bean ag déanamh lámhchleasaíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘">ag machnamh | duine i suíomh na loiteoige | ióga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘" type="tts">duine i suíomh na loiteoige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘‍♂">ag machnamh | fear | fear i suíomh na loiteoige | ióga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘‍♂" type="tts">fear i suíomh na loiteoige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘‍♀">ag machnamh | bean | bean i suíomh na loiteoige | ióga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧘‍♀" type="tts">bean i suíomh na loiteoige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛀">duine ag folcadh | folcadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛀" type="tts">duine ag folcadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛌">codladh | duine sa leaba | óstán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛌" type="tts">duine sa leaba</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧑‍🤝‍🧑">daone a bhfuil greim láimhe acu ar a chéile | greim | greim láimhe | lámh | lanúin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧑‍🤝‍🧑" type="tts">daone a bhfuil greim láimhe acu ar a chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👭">beirt bhan le chéile | greim láimhe | lámh | leannán | mná</annotation>
<annotation cp="👭" type="tts">beirt bhan le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👫">bean | fear | fear agus bean | fear agus bean le chéile | lámha le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👫" type="tts">fear agus bean le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👬">beirt fhear | beirt fhear a bhfuil g beirt fhear le chéile | beirt fhear le chéile | duine | fear | lámha le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="👬" type="tts">beirt fhear le chéile</annotation>
<annotation cp="💏">grá | póg | pógadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="💏" type="tts">póg</annotation>
<annotation cp="💑">croí | grá | lánúin | lanúin le croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="💑" type="tts">lanúin le croí</annotation>
<annotation cp="👪">athair | leanaí | máthair | páiste | teaghlach</annotation>
<annotation cp="👪" type="tts">teaghlach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗣">ag caint | aghaidh | caint | ceann | ceann ag caint | scáthphictiúr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗣" type="tts">ceann ag caint</annotation>
<annotation cp="👤">cabhail | corp | duine | scáthchruth cinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="👤" type="tts">scáthchruth cinn</annotation>
<annotation cp="👥">cabhlacha | coirp | daoine | scáthchruth ceann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👥" type="tts">scáthchruth ceann</annotation>
<annotation cp="👣">cos | loirg choise | lorg | lorg coise</annotation>
<annotation cp="👣" type="tts">loirg choise</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦰">duine le gruaig rua | gruaig rua | rua</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦰" type="tts">gruaig rua</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦱">afró | catach | gruaig chatach | lúba</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦱" type="tts">gruaig chatach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦳">bán | gruaig | gruaig bhán | liath | sean</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦳" type="tts">gruaig bhán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦲">bearrtha | ceimiteiripe | gan ghruaig | gruaig ar bith | maol</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦲" type="tts">maol</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐵">aghaidh | moncaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐵" type="tts">aghaidh moncaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐒">moncaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐒" type="tts">moncaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦍">goraille</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦍" type="tts">goraille</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦧">ápa | órang-útan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦧" type="tts">órang-útan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐶">aghaidh | madra | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐶" type="tts">aghaidh madra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐕">madra | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐕" type="tts">madra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦮">dall | inrochtaineacht | madra treorach | treoir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦮" type="tts">madra treorach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐕‍🦺">cabhair | inrochtaineacht | madra | mardra seirbhíse | seirbhís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐕‍🦺" type="tts">mardra seirbhíse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐩">madra | púdal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐩" type="tts">púdal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐺">aghaidh | aghaidh mic tíre | mac tíre</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐺" type="tts">aghaidh mic tíre</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦊">aghaidh | aghaidh sionnaigh | madra rua</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦊" type="tts">aghaidh sionnaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦝">cúthail | fiosrach | racún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦝" type="tts">racún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐱">aghaidh | aghaidh cait | cat | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐱" type="tts">aghaidh cait</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐈">cat | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐈" type="tts">cat</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦁">aghaidh | aghaidh leoin | Leo | leon | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦁" type="tts">aghaidh leoin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐯">aghaidh | aghaidh tíogair | tíogar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐯" type="tts">aghaidh tíogair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐅">tíogar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐅" type="tts">tíogar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐆">liopard</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐆" type="tts">liopard</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐴">aghaidh | aghaidh capaill | capall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐴" type="tts">aghaidh capaill</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐎">capall | capall rásaíochta | eachaí | rásaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐎" type="tts">capall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦄">aghaidh | aghaidh aonbheannaigh | aonbheannach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦄" type="tts">aghaidh aonbheannaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦓">séabra | stríoc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦓" type="tts">séabra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦌">fia</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦌" type="tts">fia</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐮">aghaidh | bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐮" type="tts">aghaidh bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐂">An Tarbh | damh | stoidiaca | tarbh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐂" type="tts">damh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐃">buabhall | uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐃" type="tts">buabhall uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐄">bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐄" type="tts">bó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐷">aghaidh | aghaidh muice | muc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐷" type="tts">aghaidh muice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐖">cráin mhuice | muc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐖" type="tts">muc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐗">muc | torc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐗" type="tts">torc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐽">aghaidh | muc | srón | srón muice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐽" type="tts">srón muice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐏">An Reithe | caora | fireann | reithe | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐏" type="tts">reithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐑">baineann | caora</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐑" type="tts">caora</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐐">An Gabhar | gabhar | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐐" type="tts">gabhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐪">camall | dromadaire | dronn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐪" type="tts">camall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐫">Baictriach | camall | camall le dhá dhronn | dronn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐫" type="tts">camall le dhá dhronn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦙">alpaca | guanaco | láma | olann | vicuña</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦙" type="tts">láma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦒">sioráf | spotaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦒" type="tts">sioráf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐘">eilifint</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐘" type="tts">eilifint</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦏">srónbheannach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦏" type="tts">srónbheannach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦛">dobhareach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦛" type="tts">dobhareach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐭">aghaidh | aghaidh luiche | luch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐭" type="tts">aghaidh luiche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐁">luch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐁" type="tts">luch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐀">francach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐀" type="tts">francach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐹">aghaidh | aghaidh hamstair | hamstar | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐹" type="tts">aghaidh hamstair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐰">aghaidh | coinín | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐰" type="tts">aghaidh coinín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐇">coinín | peata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐇" type="tts">coinín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐿">iora talún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐿" type="tts">iora talún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦔">gráinneog | spíonach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦔" type="tts">gráinneog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦇">ialtóg | vaimpír</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦇" type="tts">ialtóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐻">aghaidh | aghaidh béair | béar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐻" type="tts">aghaidh béair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐨">béar | cóála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐨" type="tts">cóála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐼">aghaidh | panda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐼" type="tts">aghaidh panda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦥">leisciúil | mall | spadán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦥" type="tts">spadán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦦">iascaireacht | madra uisce | súgrach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦦" type="tts">madra uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦨">bolladh | scúnc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦨" type="tts">scúnc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦘">An Astráil | cangarú | cangarú óg | léim | marsúipiach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦘" type="tts">cangarú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦡">broc | broc meala | ciap</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦡" type="tts">broc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐾">cosa | lapa | lorg | lorg lapaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐾" type="tts">lorg lapaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦃">éan | turcaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦃" type="tts">turcaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐔">éan | sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐔" type="tts">sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐓">coileach | éan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐓" type="tts">coileach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐣">ag teacht as an ubh | éan | éan ag teacht as an ubh | éinín | naíonán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐣" type="tts">éan ag teacht as an ubh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐤">éan | éinín | gearrshicín | sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐤" type="tts">gearrshicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐥">éan | éinín | gearrshicín éadain | sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐥" type="tts">gearrshicín éadain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐦">éan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐦" type="tts">éan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐧">éan | piongain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐧" type="tts">piongain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕊">colm | éan | eitilt | síocháin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕊" type="tts">colm</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦅">éan | iolar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦅" type="tts">iolar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦆">éan | lacha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦆" type="tts">lacha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦢">eala | éan | lachín ghránna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦢" type="tts">eala</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦉">críonna | éan | ulchabhán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦉" type="tts">ulchabhán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦩">lasairéan | péacach | trópaiceach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦩" type="tts">lasairéan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦚">bródúil | cearc phéacóige | éan | péacóg | thar fóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦚" type="tts">péacóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦜">caint | éan | foghlaí | pearóid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦜" type="tts">pearóid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐸">aghaidh | aghaidh froig | frog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐸" type="tts">aghaidh froig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐊">crogall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐊" type="tts">crogall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐢">tiripín | toirtís | turtar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐢" type="tts">turtar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦎">earc luachra | reiptíl</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦎" type="tts">earc luachra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐍">nathair | nathair nimhe | Ophiuchus | sealbhóir | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐍" type="tts">nathair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐲">aghaidh | aghaidh dragain | dragan | finscéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐲" type="tts">aghaidh dragain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐉">dragan | finscéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐉" type="tts">dragan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦕">brachiosaurus | brontasár | diplodocus | sárapód</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦕" type="tts">sárapód</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦖">T-Rex | tyrannosaurus rex</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦖" type="tts">T-Rex</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐳">aghaidh | míol mór | míol mór ag séideadh | séideadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐳" type="tts">míol mór ag séideadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐋">míol mór</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐋" type="tts">míol mór</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐬">deilf | lapa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐬" type="tts">deilf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐟">iasc | Na hÉisc | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐟" type="tts">iasc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐠">iasc | iasc teochreasa | teochriosach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐠" type="tts">iasc teochreasa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐡">iasc | iasc torcánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐡" type="tts">iasc torcánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦈">iasc | siorc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦈" type="tts">siorc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐙">ochtapas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐙" type="tts">ochtapas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐚">bís | sliogán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐚" type="tts">sliogán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐌">seilide</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐌" type="tts">seilide</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦋">féileacán | feithid | gleoite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦋" type="tts">féileacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐛">feithid | míol</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐛" type="tts">míol</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐜">feithid | seangán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐜" type="tts">seangán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐝">beach | beach mheala | feithid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐝" type="tts">beach mheala</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐞">bóín | bóín dé | ciaróg | feithid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🐞" type="tts">bóín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦗">criogar | dreoilín teaspaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦗" type="tts">criogar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕷">damhán alla | feithid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕷" type="tts">damhán alla</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕸">damhán alla | líon damháin alla | líontán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕸" type="tts">líon damháin alla</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦂">An Scairp | scairp | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦂" type="tts">scairp</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦟">feithid | fiabhras | galar | maláire | muiscít | víreas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦟" type="tts">muiscít</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦠">aiméibe | baictéir | miocrób | víreas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦠" type="tts">miocrób</annotation>
<annotation cp="💐">bláth | crobhaing bláthanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="💐" type="tts">crobhaing bláthanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌸">bláth | bláth silíní | silín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌸" type="tts">bláth silíní</annotation>
<annotation cp="💮">bláth | bláth bán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💮" type="tts">bláth bán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏵">planda | róiséad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏵" type="tts">róiséad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌹">rós</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌹" type="tts">rós</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥀">bláth | sleabhctha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥀" type="tts">bláth sleabhctha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌺">bláth | roiseog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌺" type="tts">roiseog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌻">bláth | lus na gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌻" type="tts">lus na gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌼">bláth | bláthú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌼" type="tts">bláthú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌷">bláth | tiúilip</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌷" type="tts">tiúilip</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌱">óg | síolphlanda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌱" type="tts">síolphlanda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌲">crann | crann síorghlas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌲" type="tts">crann síorghlas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌳">caitheamh an duilliúir | crann duillsilteach | duillsilteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌳" type="tts">crann duillsilteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌴">crann | pailm</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌴" type="tts">pailm</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌵">cachtas | planda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌵" type="tts">cachtas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌾">dias | grán | punann ríse | rís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌾" type="tts">punann ríse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌿">duilleog | luibh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌿" type="tts">luibh</annotation>
<annotation cp="">planda | seamróg</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">seamróg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍀">4 | ceithre | duilleog | seamair | seamair Mhuire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍀" type="tts">seamair Mhuire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍁">duilleog | duilleog mhailpe | mailp | titim</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍁" type="tts">duilleog mhailpe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍂">duilleog | duilleog thite | titim</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍂" type="tts">duilleog thite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍃">duilleog | duilleog ag séideadh sa ghaoth | duilleog sa ghaoth | gaoth | séideadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍃" type="tts">duilleog ag séideadh sa ghaoth</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍇">caor fíniúna | caora fíniúna | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍇" type="tts">caora fíniúna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍈">mealbhacán | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍈" type="tts">mealbhacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍉">mealbhacán uisce | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍉" type="tts">mealbhacán uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍊">oráiste | táinséirín | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍊" type="tts">táinséirín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍋">citreas | líomóid | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍋" type="tts">líomóid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍌">banana | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍌" type="tts">banana</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍍">anann | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍍" type="tts">anann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥭">mangó | torthaí | trópaiceach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥭" type="tts">mangó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍎">dearg | toradh | úll</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍎" type="tts">úll dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍏">glas | toradh | úll</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍏" type="tts">úll glas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍐">piorra | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍐" type="tts">piorra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍑">péitseog | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍑" type="tts">péitseog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍒">silín | silíní | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍒" type="tts">silíní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍓">caor | sú talún | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍓" type="tts">sú talún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥝">bia | ciobhaí | cíobhaí | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥝" type="tts">cíobhaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍅">glasra | toradh | tráta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍅" type="tts">tráta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥥">cnó cócó | pailm | piña colada</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥥" type="tts">cnó cócó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥑">abhacád | bia | toradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥑" type="tts">abhacád</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍆">glasra | ubhthoradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍆" type="tts">ubhthoradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥔">bia | glasra | práta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥔" type="tts">práta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥕">bia | glasra | meacan dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥕" type="tts">meacan dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌽">arbhar | arbhar Indiach | cathair ghríbháin | dias | dias arbhair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌽" type="tts">dias arbhair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌶">píobar | te</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌶" type="tts">píobar te</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥒">bia | cúcamar | gircín | glasra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥒" type="tts">cúcamar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥬">bok choy | cabáiste | cál | glas duilleach | leitís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥬" type="tts">glas duilleach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥦">brocailí | cabáiste fiáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥦" type="tts">brocailí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧄">blasóir | gairleog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧄" type="tts">gairleog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧅">blasóir | oiniún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧅" type="tts">oiniún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍄">beacán | beacán bearaigh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍄" type="tts">beacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥜">bia | cnó | glasra | pis talún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥜" type="tts">pis talún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌰">cnó capaill | planda</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌰" type="tts">cnó capaill</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍞">arán | builín aráin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍞" type="tts">arán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥐">arán | bia | croissant | Francach | rollóg chorránach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥐" type="tts">croissant</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥖">arán | baguette | bia | Francach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥖" type="tts">baguette</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥨">casta | preatsal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥨" type="tts">preatsal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥯">bácús | béigeal | schmear</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥯" type="tts">béigeal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥞">bia | císte te | crêpe | pancóg | pancóga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥞" type="tts">pancóga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧇">iarn | neamhchinnte | vaifeal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧇" type="tts">vaifeal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧀">cáis | ding cháise</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧀" type="tts">ding cháise</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍖">cnámh | feoil | feoil ar an gcnámh | feoil le cnámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍖" type="tts">feoil le cnámh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍗">cnámh | cos | éineoil | sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍗" type="tts">cos sicín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥩">gearradh feola | gríscín | gríscín muiceola | gríscín uaineola | stéig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥩" type="tts">gearradh feola</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥓">bagún | bia | feoil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥓" type="tts">bagún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍔">burgar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍔" type="tts">burgar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍟">sceallóga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍟" type="tts">sceallóga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍕">bialann | Iodálach | píotsa | pizza | slisín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍕" type="tts">píotsa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌭">brocaire | brocaire te | francfurtar | ispín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌭" type="tts">brocaire te</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥪">arán | ceapaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥪" type="tts">ceapaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌮">meicsiceach | taco</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌮" type="tts">taco</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌯">burrito | meicsiceach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌯" type="tts">burrito</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥙">arán leathan stuáilte | bia | ceibeab | falafel | fillteog | kebab | tortilla</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥙" type="tts">arán leathan stuáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧆">falafel | millín feola | sicphiseánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧆" type="tts">falafel</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥚">bia | ubh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥚" type="tts">ubh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍳">cócaireacht | friochadh | friochtán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍳" type="tts">cócaireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥘">bia | friochtán | paella | panna tanaí le bia | pota | stiobhach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥘" type="tts">panna tanaí le bia</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍲">pota | pota le bia | stobhach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍲" type="tts">pota le bia</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥣">babhla le spúnóg | bricfeasta | gránach | leite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥣" type="tts">babhla le spúnóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥗">bia | glasraí | sailéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥗" type="tts">sailéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍿">grán rósta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍿" type="tts">grán rósta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧈">déiríocht | im</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧈" type="tts">im</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧂">blastán | croiteoir | salann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧂" type="tts">salann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥫">bia | bia stánaithe | canna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥫" type="tts">bia stánaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍱">bento | bosca | bosca lóin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍱" type="tts">bosca bento</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍘">craicear | craicear ríse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍘" type="tts">craicear ríse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍙">liathróid ríse | rís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍙" type="tts">liathróid ríse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍚">rís | rís chócaráilte | rís cócaráilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍚" type="tts">rís chócaráilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍛">curaí | curaí agus rís | rís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍛" type="tts">curaí agus rís</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍜">babhla | babhla núdal | gal | núdail | ramen | te</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍜" type="tts">ramen</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍝">pasta | spaigití</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍝" type="tts">spaigití</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍠">fata | ionam | práta | práta milis | rósta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍠" type="tts">práta milis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍢">bia mara | bia mara ar chipín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍢" type="tts">bia mara</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍣">sushi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍣" type="tts">sushi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍤">séacla | séacla friochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍤" type="tts">séacla friochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍥">cáca éisc | cáca éisc le guairneán | iasc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍥" type="tts">cáca éisc le guairneán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥮">cáca gealaí | féile | fómhar | yuèbǐng</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥮" type="tts">cáca gealaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍡">dango | liathróidí mocci | liathróidí mocci ar chipín | mochi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍡" type="tts">dango</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥟">domplagán | empanada | gyōza | jiaozi | pierogi | potsticker</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥟" type="tts">domplagán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥠">brioscán feasa | tairngreacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥠" type="tts">brioscán feasa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥡">bosca beir leat | bosca greim gasta | coimeádán bia | oisre</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥡" type="tts">bosca beir leat</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦀">An Portán | portán | stoidiaca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦀" type="tts">portán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦞">bia mara | bísc | crúba | gliomach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦞" type="tts">gliomach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦐">beag | bia | ribe róibéis | sliogiasc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦐" type="tts">ribe róibéis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦑">bia | moileasc | scuid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦑" type="tts">scuid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦪">oisre | péarla | tumadóireacth</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦪" type="tts">oisre</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍦">cón uachtair reoite | uachtar reoite | uachtar reoite coipthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍦" type="tts">uachtar reoite coipthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍧">oighear bearrtha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍧" type="tts">oighear bearrtha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍨">uachtar reoite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍨" type="tts">uachtar reoite</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍩">taoschnó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍩" type="tts">taoschnó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍪">briosca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍪" type="tts">briosca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎂">breithlá | cáca breithe | cóisir | lá breithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎂" type="tts">cáca breithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍰">brioscarán | cáca | císte | slisín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍰" type="tts">brioscarán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧁">bácús | cístín cupa | milseán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧁" type="tts">cístín cupa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥧">líonadh | pióg | taosrán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥧" type="tts">pióg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍫">barra | barra seacláide | seacláid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍫" type="tts">seacláid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍬">milseán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍬" type="tts">milseán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍭">líreacán | milseán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍭" type="tts">líreacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍮">custard | milseog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍮" type="tts">custard</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍯">mil | pota meala | próca meala</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍯" type="tts">pota meala</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍼">bainne | buidéal | buidéal babaí | deoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍼" type="tts">buidéal babaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥛">bainne | deoch | gloine bainne | gloinne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥛" type="tts">gloine bainne</annotation>
<annotation cp="">ag galú | caife | deoch | deoch the | ól | tae | te</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">deoch the</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍵">caife | cupán | cupán gan chluas | deoch | tae</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍵" type="tts">cupán gan chluas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍶">bialann | buidéal agus cupán sake | buidéal sake | cupán | deoch | sake</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍶" type="tts">sake</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍾">ag popáil | beár | buidéal | buidéal le corc ag popáil | corc | deoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍾" type="tts">buidéal le corc ag popáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍷">deoch | fíon | gloine | gloine fíona | teach tábhairne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍷" type="tts">gloine fíona</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍸">gloine mhanglaim | manglam | teach tábhairne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍸" type="tts">gloine mhanglaim</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍹">deoch | deoch thrópaiceach | puins | teach tábhairne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍹" type="tts">deoch thrópaiceach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍺">beoir | gloine | gloine beorach | gloine bheorach | pionta beorach | teach tábhairne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍺" type="tts">pionta beorach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍻">deochanna | gloiní beorach | teach tábhairne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍻" type="tts">gloiní beorach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥂">champagne | deochanna | gloiní | sláinte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥂" type="tts">gloiní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥃">deoch | fuisce | gloine | uisce beatha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥃" type="tts">gloine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥤">cupán le sop | deoch shóide | sú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥤" type="tts">cupán le sop</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧃">bosca dí | bosca sú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧃" type="tts">bosca dí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧉">comráidí | deoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧉" type="tts">comráidí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧊">ciúb oighir | cnoc oighir | fuar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧊" type="tts">ciúb oighir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥢">cipín itheacháin | cipíní itheacháin | Seapáinis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥢" type="tts">cipíní itheacháin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍽">ag cócaireacht | forc | forc agus scian le pláta | pláta | scian</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍽" type="tts">forc agus scian le pláta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍴">forc | sceana | scian | scian agus forc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🍴" type="tts">scian agus forc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥄">spúnóg | tae</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥄" type="tts">spúnóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔪">scian</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔪" type="tts">scian</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏺">amfara | Aquarius ! cócaireacht | crúisín | deoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏺" type="tts">amfara</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌍">an Afraic | an chruinne | an domhan | an Eoraip | cruinneog | cruinneog ag taispeáint na hEorpa agus na hAfraice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌍" type="tts">cruinneog ag taispeáint na hEorpa agus na hAfraice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌎">an domhan | cruinneog | cruinneog ag taispeáint Chríocha Mheiriceá | Meiriceá</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌎" type="tts">cruinneog ag taispeáint Chríocha Mheiriceá</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌏">an Áis | an Astráil | an domhan | cruinneog | cruinneog ag taispeáint na hÁsie agus na hAstráile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌏" type="tts">cruinneog ag taispeáint na hÁsie agus na hAstráile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌐">an domhan | cruinneog | cruinneog le fadlínte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌐" type="tts">cruinneog le fadlínte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗺">domhan | léarscáil | léarscáil an domhain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗺" type="tts">léarscáil an domhain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗾">an tSeapáin | léarscáil | léarscáil na Seapáine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗾" type="tts">léarscáil na Seapáine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧭">compás | loingseoireacht | maighnéadach | treodóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧭" type="tts">compás</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏔">fuar | sliabh | sliabh le sneachta | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏔" type="tts">sliabh le sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="">sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌋">bolcán | brúchtadh bolcáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌋" type="tts">bolcán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗻">Sliabh Fuji</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗻" type="tts">Sliabh Fuji</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏕">ag campáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏕" type="tts">ag campáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏖">scáth | trá | trá le scáth | trá le scáth gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏖" type="tts">trá le scáth gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏜">fásach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏜" type="tts">fásach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏝">fásach | oileán | oileán díthreibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏝" type="tts">oileán díthreibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏞">páirc | páirc náisiúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏞" type="tts">páirc náisiúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏟">staidiam</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏟" type="tts">staidiam</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏛">clasaiceach | foirgneamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏛" type="tts">foirgneamh clasaiceach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏗">foirgneamh | foirgníocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏗" type="tts">foirgníocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧱">balla | bríce | brící | cré | moirtéar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧱" type="tts">bríce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏘">foirgneamh | teach | tithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏘" type="tts">tithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏚">foirgneamh | teach | tréigthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏚" type="tts">teach tréigthe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏠">teach | tógáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏠" type="tts">teach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏡">foirgneamh | gairdín | teach | teach agus gairdín | teach le gairdín | teach le ghairdín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏡" type="tts">teach le gairdín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏢">foirgneamh | foirgneamh oifigí | oifig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏢" type="tts">foirgneamh oifigí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏣">oifig an phoist | oifig an phoist de chuid na Seapáine | oifig an phoist Seapánach | post</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏣" type="tts">oifig an phoist de chuid na Seapáine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏤">oifig an phoist | post</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏤" type="tts">oifig an phoist</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏥">dochtúir | ospidéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏥" type="tts">ospidéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏦">banc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏦" type="tts">banc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏨">óstán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏨" type="tts">óstán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏩">grá | leaba | óstán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏩" type="tts">óstán grá</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏪">áisiúlacht | siopa | siopa áise</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏪" type="tts">siopa áise</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏫">foirgneamh | foirgneamh scoile | scoil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏫" type="tts">scoil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏬">ranna | siopa | siopa ilrannach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏬" type="tts">siopa ilrannach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏭">foirgneamh | monarcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏭" type="tts">monarcha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏯">caisleán | caisleán Seápánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏯" type="tts">caisleán Seápánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏰">caisleán | caisleán Eorpach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏰" type="tts">caisleán Eorpach</annotation>
<annotation cp="💒">bainis | croí | grá | pósadh | séipéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="💒" type="tts">bainis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗼">Túr Thóiceo</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗼" type="tts">Túr Thóiceo</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗽">Dealbh na Saoirse</annotation>
<annotation cp="🗽" type="tts">Dealbh na Saoirse</annotation>
<annotation cp="">foirgneamh | séipéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">séipéal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕌">creideamh | ioslam | mosc | moslamach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕌" type="tts">mosc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛕">hundu | teampall | teampall hindu</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛕" type="tts">teampall hindu</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕍">creideamh | giúdach | sionagóg | teampall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕍" type="tts">sionagóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="">creideamh | scrín | scrín sinteocha | scrín Sinteochais | sinteochas</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scrín Sinteochais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕋">cába | creideamh | ioslam | moslamach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕋" type="tts">cába</annotation>
<annotation cp="">fuarán | scairdeán | scardán</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scairdeán</annotation>
<annotation cp="">campa | campáil | puball</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">puball</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌁">ceo | ceomhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌁" type="tts">ceomhar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌃">oíche | oíche le réaltaí | réalta | réaltaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌃" type="tts">oíche le réaltaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏙">cathair | dreach cathrach | foirgneamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏙" type="tts">dreach cathrach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌄">éirí na gréine | éirí na gréine ar shléibhte | éirí na gréine thar na sléibhte | grian na maidine | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌄" type="tts">éirí na gréine thar na sléibhte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌅">éirí na gréine | grian na maidine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌅" type="tts">éirí na gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌆">breacdhorcha | breacdhorchadas | cathair | dreach cathrach | dreach cathrach i dtitim na hoíche | foirgneamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌆" type="tts">dreach cathrach i dtitim na hoíche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌇">breacdhorcha | dul faoi na gréine | foirgneamh | foirgnimh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌇" type="tts">dul faoi na gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌉">droichead | droichead istoíche | oíche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌉" type="tts">droichead istoíche</annotation>
<annotation cp="">ag galú | foinse the | foinsí | foinsí teo | te</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">foinse the</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎠">capall | capall an roithleagáin ró | capall roithleagáin ró | roithleagán ró | siamsaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎠" type="tts">capall an roithleagáin ró</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎡">páirc siamsaíochta | roth Ferris | roth mór | siamsaíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎡" type="tts">roth Ferris</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎢">aonach | páirc siamsaíochta | rollchóstóir | siamsaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎢" type="tts">rollchóstóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="💈">bearbóir | cuaille bearbóra | gruagaire | pol an bhearbóra | siopa an bhearbóra</annotation>
<annotation cp="💈" type="tts">cuaille bearbóra</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎪">puball | puball sorcais | sorcas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎪" type="tts">sorcas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚂">feithicil | galinneall | inneall | inneall traenach | traein</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚂" type="tts">inneall traenach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚃">carr ráille | carráiste iarnróid | feithicil | iarnród | leictreach | traein | tram</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚃" type="tts">carráiste iarnróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚄">feithicil | shinkansen | traein | traein ardluais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚄" type="tts">traein ardluais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚅">feithicil | shinkansen | shinkansen piléir | traein | traein ardluais | traein philéir | traein philéir ardluais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚅" type="tts">traein philéir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚆">feithicil | iarnród | traein</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚆" type="tts">traein</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚇">feithicil | meitreo | traein faoi thalamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚇" type="tts">traein faoi thalamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚈">éadrom. iarnród | feithicil | iarnród éadrom</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚈" type="tts">iarnród éadrom</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚉">stáisiún | stáisiún traenach | traein</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚉" type="tts">stáisiún traenach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚊">feithicil | tram</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚊" type="tts">tram</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚝">aonráille | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚝" type="tts">aonráille</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚞">carr | carr cábla sléibhe | feithicil | iarnród | iarnród sléibhe | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚞" type="tts">iarnród sléibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚋">carr | carráiste tram | feithicil | tram</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚋" type="tts">carráiste tram</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚌">bus | bus buí | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚌" type="tts">bus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚍">ag teacht | bus | bus atá ag teacht | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚍" type="tts">bus atá ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚎">bus | feithicil | tralaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚎" type="tts">bus tralaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚐">bus | feithicil | mionbhus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚐" type="tts">mionbhus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚑">feithicil | otharcharr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚑" type="tts">otharcharr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚒">dóiteán | feithicil | inneall | inneall dóiteáin | tine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚒" type="tts">inneall dóiteáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚓">carr gardaí | carr patróil | feithicil | gardaí | póilíní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚓" type="tts">carr gardaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚔">carr gardaí | carr gardaí ag teacht | feithicil | gardaí | póilíní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚔" type="tts">carr gardaí ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚕">feithicil | tacsaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚕" type="tts">tacsaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚖">feithicil | tacsaí | tacsaí ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚖" type="tts">tacsaí ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚗">carr | feithicil | gluaisteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚗" type="tts">gluaisteán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚘">ag teacht | carr | carr ag teacht | feithicil | gluaisteán | gluaisteán ag teacht | gluaisteán atá ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚘" type="tts">gluaisteán atá ag teacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚙">carr | feithicil | feithicil áineasa | SUV</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚙" type="tts">SUV</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚚">feithicil | trucail | trucail seachadta | veain</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚚" type="tts">trucail seachadta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚛">feithicil | leantóir | leath | leoraí | leoraí altach | trucail</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚛" type="tts">leoraí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚜">feithicil | tarracóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚜" type="tts">tarracóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏎">ag rásáil | carr | carr rása</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏎" type="tts">carr rása</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏍">ag rásáil | gluaisrothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏍" type="tts">gluaisrothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛵">inneall | scútar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛵" type="tts">scútar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦽">cathaoir rothaí láimhe | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦽" type="tts">cathaoir rothaí láimhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦼">cathaoir rothaí mheicniúil | inrochtaineacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦼" type="tts">cathaoir rothaí mheicniúil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛺">ricseá uathoibríoch | tuc tuc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛺" type="tts">ricseá uathoibríoch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚲">bus | feithicil | rothar | rothar glas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚲" type="tts">rothar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛴">leanbh | scútar | scútar gan inneall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛴" type="tts">scútar gan inneall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛹">clár | clár scátála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛹" type="tts">clár scátála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚏">bus | stad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚏" type="tts">stad bus</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛣">bealach mór | bóthar | mótarbhealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛣" type="tts">mótarbhealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛤">iarnród | ráillrian | traen</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛤" type="tts">iarnród</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛢">druma | ola</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛢" type="tts">druma ola</annotation>
<annotation cp="">breosla | caidéal breosla | peitreal | pumpa breosla | stáisiún | stáisiún peitril</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">pumpa breosla</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚨">carr gardaí | rabhachán gardaí | solas gardaí | solas rothlach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚨" type="tts">solas rothlach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚥">comharthaí tráchta | soilse tráchta | soilse tráchta cothrománach | soilse tráchta cothrománacha | solas | trácht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚥" type="tts">soilse tráchta cothrománacha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚦">comharthaí tráchta | soilse tráchta | soilse tráchta ceartingearach | soilse tráchta ceartingearacha | soilse tráchta ingearacha | solas | trácht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚦" type="tts">soilse tráchta ceartingearacha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛑">bóthar | comhartha stop | dearg | stad | stop | tiomáint</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛑" type="tts">comhartha stop</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚧">á thógáil | comhartha | comhartha tógála | suíomh tógála | tógáil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚧" type="tts">suíomh tógála</annotation>
<annotation cp="">ancaire | comhartha</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">ancaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="">bád | bád seoil | bás seoil | ionad mara | ionad saoire | luamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">bád seoil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛶">bád | caidhc | canú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛶" type="tts">canú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚤">bád | feithicil | luasbhád</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚤" type="tts">luasbhád</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛳">feithicil | long | long paisinéirí | long phaisinéirí | paisinéir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛳" type="tts">long paisinéirí</annotation>
<annotation cp="">bád | bád farantóireachta | bád fartha</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">bád farantóireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛥">bád | feithicil | mótarbhád</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛥" type="tts">mótarbhád</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚢">feithicil | long</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚢" type="tts">long</annotation>
<annotation cp="">eitleán | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">eitleán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛩">eitleán | eitleán beag | feithicil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛩" type="tts">eitleán beag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛫">eitleán | feithicil | imeacht | imeacht eitleáin | imeachtaí | seiceáil isteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛫" type="tts">imeacht eitleáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛬">ag teacht | ag tuirlingt | eitleán | feithicil | teacht | teacht eitleáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛬" type="tts">teacht eitleáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪂">faileoir crochta | paraisheol | paraisiút | spéirthumadóireacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪂" type="tts">paraisiút</annotation>
<annotation cp="💺">cathaoir | suíochán</annotation>
<annotation cp="💺" type="tts">suíochán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚁">feithicil | héileacaptar | héileacoptar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚁" type="tts">héileacaptar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚟">feithicil | iarnród crochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚟" type="tts">iarnród crochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚠">cábla | cábla-bhealach sléibhe | cáblabhealach sléibhe | carr | carr cábla sléibhe | feithicil | sliabh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚠" type="tts">cáblabhealach sléibhe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚡">aerga | carr cábla | feithicil | gandala | téadbhealach | trambhealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚡" type="tts">trambhealach aerga</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛰">feithicil | satailít | spáis</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛰" type="tts">satailít</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚀">feithicil | roicéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🚀" type="tts">roicéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛸">sásar eitilte | úfónna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛸" type="tts">sásar eitilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛎">clog | clog óstáin | óstán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛎" type="tts">clog óstáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧳">málaí | pacáil | taisteal</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧳" type="tts">málaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="">gaineamh | orláiste | orláiste críochnaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">orláiste críochnaithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="">orláiste | orláiste gainimh | orláiste lán | uaineadóir | uaineadóir gainimh</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">orláiste lán</annotation>
<annotation cp="">clog | uaireadóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">uaireadóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="">alárm | clog | clog aláraim</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">clog aláraim</annotation>
<annotation cp="">clog | stopuaireadóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">stopuaireadóir</annotation>
<annotation cp="">amadóir | clog | clog ama</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">clog ama</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕰">clog | clog matail</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕰" type="tts">clog matail</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕛">12 a chlog | 12 an chloig | 12:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕛" type="tts">12 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕧">12:30 | leathuair tar éis a dó dhéag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕧" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a dó dhéag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕐">1 a chlog | 1 an chloig | 1:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕐" type="tts">1 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕜">1:30 | leathuair tar éis a haon</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕜" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a haon</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕑">2 a chlog | 2 an chloig | 2:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕑" type="tts">2 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕝">2:30 | leathuair tar éis a dó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕝" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a dó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕒">3 a chlog | 3 an chloig | 3:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕒" type="tts">3 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕞">3:30 | leathuair tar éis a trí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕞" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a trí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕓">4 a chlog | 4 an chloig | 4:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕓" type="tts">4 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕟">4:30 | leathuair tar éis a ceathair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕟" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a ceathair</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕔">5 a chlog | 5 an chloig | 5:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕔" type="tts">5 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕠">5:30 | leathuair tar éis a cúig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕠" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a cúig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕕">6 a chlog | 6 an chloig | 6:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕕" type="tts">6 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕡">6:30 | leathuair tar éis a sé</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕡" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a sé</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕖">7 a chlog | 7 an chloig | 7:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕖" type="tts">7 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕢">7:30 | leathuair tar éis a seacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕢" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a seacht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕗">8 a chlog | 8 an chloig | 8:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕗" type="tts">8 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕣">8:30 | leathuair tar éis a hocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕣" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a hocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕘">9 a chlog | 9 an chloig | 9:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕘" type="tts">9 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕤">9:30 | leathuair tar éis a naoi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕤" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a naoi</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕙">10 a chlog | 10 an chloig | 10:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕙" type="tts">10 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕥">10:30 | leathuair tar éis a deich</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕥" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a deich</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕚">11 a chlog | 11 an chloig | 11:00</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕚" type="tts">11 an chloig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕦">11:30 | leathuair tar éis a haon déag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕦" type="tts">leathuair tar éis a haon déag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌑">dorcha | duibhré | gealach | úr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌑" type="tts">gealach úr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌒">corrán gealaí | corrán gealaí ag dul ar gcúl | corrán gealaí atá ag líonadh | gealach ag líonadh | gealach ag teacht ann</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌒" type="tts">corrán gealaí atá ag líonadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌓">céad cheathrú na gealí | ceathrú gealaí | gealach | gealach i mbéal ceathrún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌓" type="tts">céad cheathrú na gealí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌔">gealach | gealach ag líonadh | gealach ag teach ann | gealach scothlán ag ag dul ar gcúl | gealach scothlán atá ag líonadh | líonadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌔" type="tts">gealach scothlán atá ag líonadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌕">gealach | lán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌕" type="tts">gealach lán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌖">gealach | gealach ag caitheamh | gealach ag dul ar gcúl | gealach scothlán atá ag caitheamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌖" type="tts">gealach scothlán atá ag caitheamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌗">ceathrú | ceathrú deireanach na gealaí | gealach | gealach ina ceathrú dheireanach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌗" type="tts">ceathrú deireanach na gealaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌘">corrán gealaí ag caitheamh | corrán gealaí ag dul ar gcúl | corrán gealaí atá ag caitheamh | gealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌘" type="tts">corrán gealaí atá ag caitheamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌙">corrán gealaí | gealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌙" type="tts">corrán gealaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌚">gealach úr le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌚" type="tts">gealach úr le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌛">aghaidh ghealaí | céad cheathrú na gealaí le haghaidh | corrán gealaí le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌛" type="tts">céad cheathrú na gealaí le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌜">aghaidh ghealaí | aghaidh ghealaí ina ceathrú dheireanach | ceathrú | ceathrú deireanach na gealaí le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌜" type="tts">ceathrú deireanach na gealaí le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌡">aimsir | teirmiméadar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌡" type="tts">teirmiméadar</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | gathanna | geal | grian | grianmhar | spáis</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">grian</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌝">aghaidh | aghaidh ar ghealach | aghaidh ghealaí láine | aghaidh na gealaí láine | gealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌝" type="tts">aghaidh na gealaí láine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌞">aghaidh | aghaidh ar ghrian | an ghrian le haghaidh | grian</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌞" type="tts">an ghrian le haghaidh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪐">pláinéad le fáinne | Satarn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪐" type="tts">pláinéad le fáinne</annotation>
<annotation cp="">meánréalta bhán | réalta</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">meánréalta bhán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌟">lonrú | réalta | réalta ag lonrú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌟" type="tts">réalta ag lonrú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌠">réalta | réalta reatha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌠" type="tts">réalta reatha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌌">an Láir Bhán | Bealach na Bó Finne | Claí Mór na Réaltaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌌" type="tts">Bealach na Bó Finne</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="">grian | grian agus scamaill | grian taobh thiar de na scamaill | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">grian taobh thiar de na scamaill</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | fearthainn | scamall | scamall le tintreach agus fearthainn | toirneach</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scamall le tintreach agus fearthainn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌤">aimsir | grian | grian taobh thiar de scamall beag | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌤" type="tts">grian taobh thiar de scamall beag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌥">aimsir | grian | grian taobh thiar de scamall mór | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌥" type="tts">grian taobh thiar de scamall mór</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌦">aimsir | fearthainn | grian | grian taobh thiar de scamall le fearthainn | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌦" type="tts">grian taobh thiar de scamall le fearthainn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌧">aimsir | fearthainn | scamall | scamall le fearthainn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌧" type="tts">scamall le fearthainn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌨">aimsir | fuar | scamall | scamall le sneachta | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌨" type="tts">scamall le sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌩">aimsir | scamall | scamall le tintreach | tintreach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌩" type="tts">scamall le tintreach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌪">aimsir | iomghaoth | scamall | tornádó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌪" type="tts">tornádó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌫">aimsir | ceo | scamall</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌫" type="tts">ceo</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌬">aghaidh | aghaidh gaothach | aghaidh na gaoithe | gaoth | scamall | séideadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌬" type="tts">aghaidh na gaoithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌀">cioclón | cuaranfa | iomghaoth</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌀" type="tts">cioclón</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌈">bogha báistí | tuar ceatha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌈" type="tts">bogha báistí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌂">báiste | báisteach | scáth báistí | scáth báistí dúnta | scáth fearthainne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌂" type="tts">scáth báistí dúnta</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | éadaí | fearthainn | scáth | scáth báistí</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scáth báistí</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | braon | éadaí | fearthainn | scáth | scáth báistí le braonta báistí | scáth le braon baistí</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scáth báistí le braonta báistí</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | fearthainn | grian | scáth | scáth ar talamh | scáth báistí ar an talamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scáth báistí ar an talamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="">ard | ardvoltas | comhartha | comhartha ardvoltais | contúirt | contúirt ardvoltais | voltas</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">ardvoltas</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | calóg shneachta | calóg sneachta | fuar | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">calóg shneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="">aimsir | fear sneachta | fuar | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">fear sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="">fear sneachta | fear sneachta gan sneachta | sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">fear sneachta gan sneachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="">cóiméad | spáis</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">cóiméad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔥">dóiteán | tine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔥" type="tts">tine</annotation>
<annotation cp="💧">allas | braoinín | braon | cur allais</annotation>
<annotation cp="💧" type="tts">braoinín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌊">farraige | muir | tonn | tonn san uisce | uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🌊" type="tts">tonn san uisce</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎃">cóisir | Oíche Shamhna | puimcín | Seán na Gealaí | tine ghealáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎃" type="tts">Oíche Shamhna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎄">ceiliúradh | crann | crann Nollag | Nollaig</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎄" type="tts">crann Nollag</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎆">ceiliúradh | tine ealaíne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎆" type="tts">tine ealaíne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎇">ceiliúradh | spréachaire | spréachaire tine ealaíne | tine ealaíne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎇" type="tts">spréachaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧨">dinimít | pléascóg | pléascóg thine | tinte ealaíne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧨" type="tts">pléascóg thine</annotation>
<annotation cp="">* | drithlí | gealán | réaltaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">drithlí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎈">balún | ceiliúradh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎈" type="tts">balún</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎉">ceiliúradh | cóisir | pléiscín | pléiscín cóisire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎉" type="tts">pléiscín cóisire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎊">bainis | confetti | pósadh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎊" type="tts">confetti</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎋">céiliúradh | maisiúchán | stiallacha páipéir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎋" type="tts">stiallacha páipéir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎍">Athbhliain | maisiúchán | péine | Seapánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎍" type="tts">maisiúchán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎎">babóga | babóga Seapánacha | ceiliúradh | féile</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎎" type="tts">babóga Seapánacha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎏">maisiúchán | sraoilleán | sraoilleán éisc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎏" type="tts">sraoilleán éisc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎐">clingíní | clingíní gaoithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎐" type="tts">clingíní gaoithe</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎑">amharc ar an ngealach | féile na gealaí | gealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎑" type="tts">gealach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧧">ádh mór | airgead | bronntanas | clúdach litreach dearg | hóngbāo | lai see</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧧" type="tts">clúdach litreach dearg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎀">ceiliúradh | ribín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎀" type="tts">ribín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎁">beart | breithlá | bronntanas | cóisir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎁" type="tts">bronntanas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎗">ceiliúradh | cuimhneachán | ribín | ribín cuimhneacháin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎗" type="tts">ribín cuimhneacháin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎟">cead isteach | ticéad | ticéid cead isteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎟" type="tts">ticéid cead isteach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎫">cead isteach | ticéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎫" type="tts">ticéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎖">bonn | ceiliúradh | míleata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎖" type="tts">bonn míleata</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏆">corn | duais</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏆" type="tts">corn</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏅">bonn | bonn spóirt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏅" type="tts">bonn spóirt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥇">1 | 1ú | bonn | bonn óir | buaiteoir | ór</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥇" type="tts">bonn óir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥈">2 | 2ú | airgead | bonn | bonn airgid | dara</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥈" type="tts">bonn airgid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥉">3 | 3ú | bonn | cré-umha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥉" type="tts">bonn cré-umha</annotation>
<annotation cp="">liathróid | liathróid sacair | sacar</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">liathróid sacair</annotation>
<annotation cp="">daorchluiche</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">daorchluiche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥎">bogliathróid | lámh in íochtar | lámhainn | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥎" type="tts">bogliathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏀">cispheil | fonsa cispheile | liathróid | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏀" type="tts">cispheil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏐">cluiche | eitpheil | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏐" type="tts">eitpheil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏈">peil Mheiriceánach | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏈" type="tts">peil Mheiriceánach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏉">liathróid | rugbaí | spóirt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏉" type="tts">rugbaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎾">leadóg | liathróid leadóige | raicéad leadóige</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎾" type="tts">leadóg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥏">diosca eitilte | is fearr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥏" type="tts">diosca eitilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎳">babhláil | cluiche | liathróid | liathróid bhabhlála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎳" type="tts">babhláil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏏">cluiche | cruicéad | liathróid | slac</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏏" type="tts">cruicéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏑">bata | cluiche | haca | liathróid | páirc</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏑" type="tts">haca</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏒">bata | bata agus cnag haca oighir | cluiche | cnag | haca | haca oighir | oighear</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏒" type="tts">haca oighir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥍">bata | crosógaíocht | cúl | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥍" type="tts">crosógaíocht</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏓">bata | cluiche | leadóg bhoird | liathróid | ping pang | slacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏓" type="tts">ping pang</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏸">badmantan | cluiche | éinín | eiteán | slacán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🏸" type="tts">badmantan</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥊">dornálaíocht | lámhainn | lámhainn dornálaíochta | miteog | Muhammad Ali | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥊" type="tts">lámhainn dornálaíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥋">crios dubh | ealaín chomhraic | júdó | karate | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥋" type="tts">karate</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥅">cúl | liontán | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥅" type="tts">cúl</annotation>
<annotation cp="">brat gailf | brat i bpoll | galf | poll</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">brat i bpoll</annotation>
<annotation cp="">oighear | scátáil | scátáil oighir</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">scátáil oighir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎣">iasc | iascach | iascaireacht | slat iascaigh | slat iascaireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎣" type="tts">slat iascaireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤿">masc tumadóireachta | scúbadóireacht | snorcláil | tumasdóireach</annotation>
<annotation cp="🤿" type="tts">masc tumadóireachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎽">léine reatha | rith | spórt | t-léine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎽" type="tts">léine reatha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎿">buatais | scí | scí agus buatais | scíonna | spórt</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎿" type="tts">scíonna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛷">carr sleamhnáin | sleamhnán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🛷" type="tts">sleamhnán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥌">cloch churlála | cluiche cloch</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥌" type="tts">cloch churlála</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎯">cluiche | sprioc | súil ghloine | súil sprice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎯" type="tts">súil sprice</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪀">athraigh | bréagán | yó-yó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪀" type="tts">yó-yó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪁">eitil | eitleog | in airde</annotation>
<annotation cp="🪁" type="tts">eitleog</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎱">cluiche | liathróid 8 púil | snúcar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎱" type="tts">liathróid 8 púil</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔮">cruinneog chriostail</annotation>
<annotation cp="🔮" type="tts">cruinneog chriostail</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧿">briocht nazar | buachloch | coirnín | drochshúil | mealltacht | nazar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧿" type="tts">briocht nazar</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎮">cluiche | cluiche ríomhaire | rialaitheoir | rialaitheoir cluichíochta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎮" type="tts">cluiche ríomhaire</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕹">cluiche | físchluiche | luamhán stiúrtha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕹" type="tts">luamhán stiúrtha</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎰">cluiche | meaisín sliotáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎰" type="tts">meaisín sliotáin</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎲">cluiche | dísle</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎲" type="tts">dísle</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧩">comhghlasáilte | mír mearaí | míreanna mearaí | nod | píosa | tomhas</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧩" type="tts">mír mearaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧸">béirín | bréagán | pluis | rud imeartha | stuáilte</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧸" type="tts">béirín</annotation>
<annotation cp="">cárta | cluiche | dath | spéireata</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">dath spéireata</annotation>
<annotation cp="">cárta | cluiche | dath | dath hairt | hart | hartanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">dath hairt</annotation>
<annotation cp="">cárta | cluiche | dath | muileata | muileataí</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">dath muileata</annotation>
<annotation cp="">cárta | cluiche | dath | dath club | dath truif | triuf | triufanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">dath truif</annotation>
<annotation cp="">ficheall | fichillín | glasóg | indiúscartha</annotation>
<annotation cp="" type="tts">fichillín</annotation>
<annotation cp="🃏">an buachaill mór | cárta | cárta imeartha | fear na gcrúb | Fear na gcrúb</annotation>
<annotation cp="🃏" type="tts">fear na gcrúb</annotation>
<annotation cp="🀄">Dragan | Dragan rua | Dragan rua mah-jongg | mah-jongg | tíl | Tíl mah-jongg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🀄" type="tts">Dragan rua mah-jongg</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎴">cárta | cárta imeartha | cártaí | cártaí imeartha bláthanna | cluiche</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎴" type="tts">cártaí imeartha bláthanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎭">aghaidhmhasc | ealaín | na taibhealaíona | siamsaíocht | taibh-ealaín | taibhiúchán</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎭" type="tts">na taibhealaíona</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖼">ealaíon | fráma | fráma le phictiúr | músaem | péintéireacht | pictiúr | pictiúr i bhfráma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🖼" type="tts">pictiúr i bhfráma</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎨">ealaín | ealaíontóir | pailéad dathanna | péint | pictiúr</annotation>
<annotation cp="🎨" type="tts">pailéad dathanna</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧵">biorán | fuáil | snáth | spól | téad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧵" type="tts">snáth</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧶">abhras | cniotáil | cróiseáil | liathróid</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧶" type="tts">abhras</annotation>
<annotation cp="👓">spéaclaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="👓" type="tts">spéaclaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕶">dorcha | spéaclaí | spéaclaí gréine | súil | súilbheart</annotation>
<annotation cp="🕶" type="tts">spéaclaí gréine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥽">cosaint súl | snámh | spéaclaí cosanta | táthú</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥽" type="tts">spéaclaí cosanta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥼">cóta saotharlainne | doctúir | eolaí | turgnamh</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥼" type="tts">cóta saotharlainne</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦺">éigeandáil | sábháilteacht | veist | veist sábháilteachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🦺" type="tts">veist sábháilteachta</annotation>
<annotation cp="👔">carbhat</annotation>
<annotation cp="👔" type="tts">carbhat</annotation>
<annotation cp="👕">t-léine</annotation>
<annotation cp="👕" type="tts">t-léine</annotation>
<annotation cp="👖">bríste | brístí | brístí géine | treabhsar</annotation>
<annotation cp="👖" type="tts">brístí géine</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧣">muineál | scairf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧣" type="tts">scairf</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧤">lámh | lámhainní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧤" type="tts">lámhainní</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧥">cóta | seaicéad</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧥" type="tts">cóta</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧦">stocaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🧦" type="tts">stocaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="👗">gúna</annotation>
<annotation cp="👗" type="tts">gúna</annotation>
<annotation cp="👘">cimeonó | gúna | kimono</annotation>
<annotation cp="👘" type="tts">cimeonó</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥻">éadaí | gúna | sari</annotation>
<annotation cp="🥻" type="tts">sari</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩱">culaith shnámha | culaith shnámha aonphíosa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩱" type="tts">culaith shnámha aonphíosa</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩲">aonphíosa | culaith shnámha | culaith shnámha fir | fo-éadaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩲" type="tts">culaith shnámha fir</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩳">bríste | brístí gearra | culaith shnámha | fo-éadaí</annotation>
<annotation cp="🩳" type="tts">brístí gearra</annotation>