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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ldml SYSTEM "../../common/dtd/ldml.dtd">
Copyright © 1991-2014 Unicode, Inc.
CLDR data files are interpreted according to the LDML specification (
For terms of use, see
<version number="$Revision$" />
<language type="de" />
<collation type="search">
[import und-u-co-search]
# Below are the rules specific to de.
# Per Apple language group, these rules match phonebook collation below.
[import de-u-co-phonebk]
<!-- "standard" is the same as in root -->
<collation type="phonebook">
<collation type="eor" draft="provisional" references="European Standard EN13710:2011-06 - European Ordering Rules - Annex E.4 National Delta for German">
<!-- This tailoring is based on EN13710:2011-06 Annex E.4. However, it is marked as draft=provisional
primarily because it goes contrary to some of the stated goals of CLDR tailoring, specifically
to only tailor those characters that are necessary for the language in question. However, this
tailoring is provided as a reference for those who require strict adherence to EN13710 for
German based on EN13710 Annex E.4.
Principles from EN13710:2011-06 Annex E.4 are as follows:
1). First level letters are A-Z only.
2). Thorn (U+00FE & U+00DE) is ordered as th, not as a first level letter.
3). Digits FOLLOW letters.
4). Spaces ARE significant.
5). The letters wynn (U+01BF & U+01F7) and ezh (U+0292 & U+01B7) are ordered as y.
6). The Umlaut is the diacritic that must be taken into account before all others.
The umlaut is treaded as distinct from the trema(diaeresis) and can only occur
in combination with the base letters a, o, and u. The sequence of the other
diacritics is compatible with the EOR delta.
[import und-u-co-eor]
[reorder others digit]
<<ᴏ<<ᴑ<<ᴓ<<ɔ<<<Ɔ <<<ᵓ<<ᴐ<<ᴒ<<ᶗ<<ꝍ<<<Ꝍ<<ᴖ<<<ᵔ<<ᴗ<<<ᵕ<<ⱺ<<ɵ<<<Ɵ<<<ᶱ<<ꝋ<<<Ꝋ<<ɷ<<ȣ<<<Ȣ<<<ᴽ<<ᴕ
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