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btangmu CLDR-11238 INHERITANCE_MARKER without inheritedValue (#96)
-Enhance unit test to check extra path null value

-New TestPathHeadersAndValues combines old TestGetFullPath and TestPathHeaders, for speed

-Check extra paths as well as regular paths

-Allow null value for exceptional extra paths, both unit test and client

-Exceptional extra paths are like timeZoneNames/(meta)zone or dayPeriods/dayPeriodContext

-Use getCLDRFile instead of getCldrFactory().make, for speed

-Rename checkPaths to checkPrettyPaths

Latest commit fd79d87 Aug 24, 2019
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c/genldml CLDR-210 update genldml tool Oct 29, 2004
cldr-apps-watcher CLDR-8515 sync with git a1ea51b1597b7e264b0735e446271efac73a5603 - ch… May 19, 2015
cldr-apps CLDR-11238 INHERITANCE_MARKER without inheritedValue (#96) Aug 23, 2019
dist.conf CLDR-9218 Update dist lists for change of ICU license to plain text Mar 16, 2016
java CLDR-11238 INHERITANCE_MARKER without inheritedValue (#96) Aug 23, 2019
python CLDR-1559 update to pydevproject Mar 9, 2010
build.xml CLDR-11509 Update to latest ICU4J Oct 22, 2018
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