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Unicode’s test suite for text rendering engines
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Text rendering tests

This is a test suite for text rendering engines. It is not easy to correctly display text, so we founded this project to help implementations to get this right.

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd text-rendering-tests
$ for engine in CoreText FreeStack fontkit OpenType.js ; do python --engine=$engine --output=reports/$engine.html  ; done

Supported Platforms

Currently, the test suite supports four OpenType implementations:

It’s trivial to test other implementations; simply write a small wrapper tool. For the Go font library, see here. For the Rust font library, see here.

Test Cases

The test cases are defined in the testcases directory. It contains HTML snippets which describe each test, and define the rendering parameters together with the expected result.

For each test case, the script parses the HTML snippet to extract the rendering parameters. Then, it runs a sub-process (written in C++, Objective C or JavaScript depending on the tested implementation) that writes the observed rendering in SVG format to Standard Output. Finally, the script checks whether the expected rendering matches the observed result. Currently, “matching” is implemented by iterating over SVG paths, allowing for maximally 1 font design unit of difference.


Your contributions are very welcome; simply send pull requests via GitHub. A bot will ask you (on the GitHub review thread) to accept Unicode’s Contributor License Agreement by clicking on a web form. Alternatively, if you prefer paper, you can also send a signed paper copy of the agreement to Unicode.

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