Salt states for installing a functional Sentry server.
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Salt states for Sentry

In this repo you will find a set of SaltStack states that will get Sentry running on a Centos 6 box.

Installing on Centos 6

As root, clone this repo:

  cd /root
  git clone
  cd salt-sentry
  git checkout -b local
  yum -y install salt-minion
  ln -s /root/salt-sentry/salt/states/salt /srv/salt
  ln -s /root/salt-sentry/salt/states/pillar /srv/pillar

Edit /etc/salt/minion and enable masterless mode by setting:

 file_client: local

Adjust salt/states/pillar/sentry-server.sls to your environment


 salt-call state.highstate

Getting started with Vagrant (obsolete)

Clone this repo or a fork and then run:

  vagrant box add centos6
  # install the plugin only if you don't have it already
  vagrant plugin install vagrant-salt
  vagrant up

When it's done browse to http://localhost:8080


Event if it works it does not mean that a Sentry server configured this way is ready for production. In particular the following issues should be addressed before putting in production:

  1. Sentry is running as root (Fixed in 15d2d49)
  2. There is no a little caching layer, performance could be subpar depending on the expected traffic (Partly fixed in 9db87cc by enabling memcached by default)
  3. By default all hosts are allowed, you should change that
  4. Change the secret key too
  5. Read carefully the Sentry documentation
  6. Nginx hardening
  7. SSL
  8. Backups


As usual, this comes without any kind of warranty. Use the source and your own judgement.


You are free to do what you want with this, but you should know that the world will end up being a better place if you share your improvements/bug fixes.