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Unicorn Speller Unity Interface


  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, English
  • Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black 1.18.00
  • Microsoft Visual Studio -- Microsoft .NET framework 4.7.1
  • Unity 2019.1.0f2
  1. Ensure that all prerequisites are installed on your computer.
  2. Create a new Unity project.
    alt text alt text
  3. Copy the 'UnicornSpellerInterface' folder to the 'Assets' folder of your Unity project.
    alt text
  4. Create a new Unity Game Object and add the 'Unicorn Speller Interface' with 'Add Component'.
    alt text alt text alt text
  5. Run your Unity project. Open the debug console. The debug console should feature an entry mentioning that the Unicorn Speller interface is listening to on port 1000 (loop-back address if data is exchanged between programs on one machine). You can modify ip and port in the 'UnicornSpellerInterface.cs'. 7. Ensure that your firewall is not blocking data from Unicorn Speller and Unity.
    alt text
  6. Start the Unicorn Speller from Unicorn Suite Hybrid Black.
    alt text
  7. Open the 'Network output...' dialog to send test-data from Unicorn Speller to Unity. Ensure that the network configuration (ip and port) fit the settings defined in 'UnicornSpellerInterface.cs' (default ip default port 1000).
    alt text
  8. Modify the 'Item name' and press 'Send Item...'.
    alt text
  9. Switch back to Unity. The debug console should feature an entry mentioning that an item was received.
    alt text
  10. You can modify the Board Items of in the 'Board Configuration' dialog. You can create your individual items that can be used within Unity using this interface.
    alt text
  11. You can modify 'UnicornSpellerInterface.cs' to add your game logic or change the network settings.
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