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Sauci and aquynh fix invalid script path (#975) (#976)
* fix invalid script path (#975)

* expose target_page_align and target_page_size to public API.

* add newly exposed values to python binding.

* Revert "expose target_page_align and target_page_size to public API."

This reverts commit 38145bb.

* Revert "add newly exposed values to python binding."

This reverts commit 0884e06.

* add python2-setuptools in required cygwin packages.

* Revert "fix invalid script path (#975)"

This reverts commit 8c55ca7.
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bindings Update dotnet bindings (#973) Jul 5, 2018
docs fix invalid script path (#975) (#976) Jul 11, 2018
include Fix wrong register aliases on arm64 (#922) Dec 20, 2017
msvc Added MSVC support for arm64eb. Apr 25, 2017
qemu arm: cleanup for ARM_CPU Dec 21, 2017
samples Fixed register mistake in comments (#894) Sep 17, 2017
tests add 64-bit test demonstrating setting MSRs and FS/GS segments (#901) Sep 28, 2017
.appveyor.yml switch appveyor to cygwin over https (#960) Apr 24, 2018
.gitignore arm64eb: add support for ARM64 big endian. Apr 24, 2017
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Brewfile Update Brewfile Sep 30, 2017
COPYING import Aug 21, 2015
COPYING.LGPL2 LGPL2 for all header files under include/unicorn/ Dec 16, 2017
COPYING_GLIB glib_compat: add COPYING_GLIB Dec 27, 2016
CREDITS.TXT update CREDITS.TXT Apr 25, 2017
ChangeLog update ChangeLog Apr 20, 2017
Makefile arm64eb: add support for ARM64 big endian. Apr 24, 2017
README.md add Clojure Dec 22, 2017
config.mk Fix document file extension Aug 8, 2016
install-cmocka-linux.sh Start moving examples in S files (#851) Jun 25, 2017
list.c callback to count number of instructions in uc_emu_start() should be … Jun 16, 2017
make.sh Added MSVC support for arm64eb. Apr 25, 2017
msvc.bat add msvc.bat Apr 21, 2017
pkgconfig.mk bump extra version to 2 Apr 21, 2017
uc.c uc_mem_unmap returns proper error code & fixes #863 (#864) Aug 1, 2017
windows_export.bat Make the call out to visual studio extremely resilient Jan 2, 2017


Unicorn Engine

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/unicorn-engine/chat

Build Status Build status

Unicorn is a lightweight, multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework based on QEMU.

Unicorn offers some unparalleled features:

  • Multi-architecture: ARM, ARM64 (ARMv8), M68K, MIPS, SPARC, and X86 (16, 32, 64-bit)
  • Clean/simple/lightweight/intuitive architecture-neutral API
  • Implemented in pure C language, with bindings for Crystal, Clojure, Visual Basic, Perl, Rust, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET, Go, Delphi/Free Pascal and Haskell.
  • Native support for Windows & *nix (with Mac OSX, Linux, *BSD & Solaris confirmed)
  • High performance via Just-In-Time compilation
  • Support for fine-grained instrumentation at various levels
  • Thread-safety by design
  • Distributed under free software license GPLv2

Further information is available at http://www.unicorn-engine.org


This project is released under the GPL license.

Compilation & Docs

See docs/COMPILE.md file for how to compile and install Unicorn.

More documentation is available in docs/README.md.


Contact us via mailing list, email or twitter for any questions.


If you want to contribute, please pick up something from our Github issues.

We also maintain a list of more challenged problems in a TODO list.

CREDITS.TXT records important contributors of our project.