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Stack seems to be corrupted when running on Windows #1316

wtdcode opened this issue Aug 12, 2020 · 3 comments

Stack seems to be corrupted when running on Windows #1316

wtdcode opened this issue Aug 12, 2020 · 3 comments


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wtdcode commented Aug 12, 2020

When I run Qiling tests on Windows (native, not wsl), the Unicorn crashes and causes the whole python process to die siliently. To locate the exception, I attach Windbg to python process and below is the stacktrace.

0:000> kv
 # Child-SP          RetAddr               : Args to Child                                                           : Call Site
00 00000042`215eb400 00007ff9`dee33033     : 00000194`6bf86fb0 00007ff9`f5ebe2d9 00000042`215f0000 00000042`00000000 : _ctypes!DllCanUnloadNow+0x7c38
01 00000042`215eb440 00007ff9`f5f4124f     : 00007ff9`dee3f000 00007ff9`dee20000 000012d8`00023000 00000042`215ebc10 : _ctypes!DllCanUnloadNow+0x8bb3
02 00000042`215eb470 00007ff9`f5ebd9b2     : 00007ff9`dee3ff78 00000042`215ec420 00007ff9`dee3f8a0 00007ff9`dee30025 : ntdll!_chkstk+0x19f
03 00000042`215eb4a0 00007ff9`84c7f87a     : 00000000`00000000 000001d6`49b3bee8 00000000`00000004 00000000`00000004 : ntdll!RtlUnwindEx+0x522
04 00000042`215ebbb0 00007ff9`84955670     : 00000000`00000000 0000395c`1d8654ed 000001d6`4762fdf0 00000000`00000000 : unicorn!uc_version+0x3757aa
05 00000042`215ec0f0 00007ff9`849561de     : 000001d6`49b8a030 00007ff9`ae0ba97d ffffffff`00000000 000001d6`49b82360 : unicorn!uc_version+0x4b5a0
06 00000042`215ec120 000001d6`4c1069b0     : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000042`215ec270 00007ff9`849f7bba : unicorn!uc_version+0x4c10e
07 00000042`215ec150 00000000`00000000     : 00000000`00000000 00000042`215ec270 00007ff9`849f7bba 000001d6`4c8f28a3 : 0x000001d6`4c1069b0
start             end                 module name
00000000`59c30000 00000000`59cc6000   pythoncom37   (deferred)             
00000000`5a770000 00000000`5a779000   _win32sysloader   (deferred)             
00000000`5a780000 00000000`5a7a7000   pywintypes37   (deferred)             
00000000`5a7b0000 00000000`5a7d6000   win32api   (deferred)             
00000000`61440000 00000000`6145a000   libgcc_s_seh_1   (deferred)             
00000000`64940000 00000000`64955000   libwinpthread_1   (deferred)             
00007ff6`97320000 00007ff6`9733b000   python     (deferred)             
00007ff9`5dca0000 00007ff9`5e171000   capstone   (deferred)             
00007ff9`809d0000 00007ff9`80f01000   keystone   (deferred)             
00007ff9`84900000 00007ff9`84d63000   unicorn  C (export symbols)       C:\Program Files\Python37\lib\site-packages\unicorn\lib\unicorn.dll
00007ff9`ae0a0000 00007ff9`ae467000   python37   (deferred)             
00007ff9`c73c0000 00007ff9`c73f2000   pyexpat    (deferred)             
00007ff9`cd300000 00007ff9`cd30c000   secur32    (deferred)             
00007ff9`ced20000 00007ff9`cef86000   libcrypto_1_1_x64   (deferred)             
00007ff9`dcb00000 00007ff9`dcda6000   iertutil   (deferred)             
00007ff9`dcdb0000 00007ff9`dcf86000   urlmon     (deferred)             
00007ff9`dee20000 00007ff9`dee43000   _ctypes    (export symbols)       C:\Program Files\Python37\DLLs\_ctypes.pyd
00007ff9`dee50000 00007ff9`dee91000   _lzma      (deferred)             
00007ff9`df070000 00007ff9`df085000   _socket    (deferred)             
00007ff9`df180000 00007ff9`df198000   _bz2       (deferred)             
00007ff9`e37b0000 00007ff9`e37b9000   select     (deferred)             
00007ff9`ea0b0000 00007ff9`ea0bd000   _hashlib   (deferred)             
00007ff9`ea0c0000 00007ff9`ea0d6000   VCRUNTIME140   (deferred)             
00007ff9`eb670000 00007ff9`eb67a000   VERSION    (deferred)             
00007ff9`ebf20000 00007ff9`ebf2f000   python3    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f0d30000 00007ff9`f0dc9000   uxtheme    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f20d0000 00007ff9`f2103000   rsaenh     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2790000 00007ff9`f279c000   CRYPTBASE   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2c40000 00007ff9`f2c6f000   SSPICLI    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2d50000 00007ff9`f2d60000   UMPDC      (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2d60000 00007ff9`f2d83000   profapi    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2db0000 00007ff9`f2dc1000   kernel_appcore   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2dd0000 00007ff9`f2e1a000   powrprof   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2e20000 00007ff9`f2e41000   win32u     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2e50000 00007ff9`f2e67000   CRYPTSP    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2ed0000 00007ff9`f2f1a000   cfgmgr32   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f2f20000 00007ff9`f31c4000   KERNELBASE   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f31d0000 00007ff9`f326e000   msvcp_win   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f3270000 00007ff9`f336a000   ucrtbase   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f3370000 00007ff9`f33f0000   bcryptPrimitives   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f34a0000 00007ff9`f3c22000   windows_storage   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f3c30000 00007ff9`f3dc6000   gdi32full   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f3dd0000 00007ff9`f3df6000   bcrypt     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f3f50000 00007ff9`f4636000   SHELL32    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f4640000 00007ff9`f46de000   msvcrt     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f46e0000 00007ff9`f4837000   ole32      (deferred)             
00007ff9`f49a0000 00007ff9`f49f2000   SHLWAPI    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f4a80000 00007ff9`f4aa6000   GDI32      (deferred)             
00007ff9`f4ab0000 00007ff9`f4b1f000   WS2_32     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f4b80000 00007ff9`f4d14000   USER32     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f4d20000 00007ff9`f4db7000   sechost    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f52d0000 00007ff9`f5395000   OLEAUT32   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f53b0000 00007ff9`f5462000   KERNEL32   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5610000 00007ff9`f5730000   RPCRT4     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5730000 00007ff9`f575e000   IMM32      (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5760000 00007ff9`f5809000   shcore     (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5810000 00007ff9`f58b3000   ADVAPI32   (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5b20000 00007ff9`f5e55000   combase    (deferred)             
00007ff9`f5ea0000 00007ff9`f6090000   ntdll      (export symbols)       C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
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Member Author

wtdcode commented Sep 14, 2020

A piece of minimum reproduction code:

#include <cstdio>
#include "unicorn.h"

// addr:
//      INT 21h;
//      jmp addr;
const char* cmd = "\xcd\x21\xeb\xfc";
int count = 1;

void cb(uc_engine *uc, uint32_t intno, void *user_data) {
	printf("Callback count: %d\n", count);
	count += 1;

int main() {
	uc_engine* uc;
	uc_err err;
	err = uc_open(UC_ARCH_X86, UC_MODE_16, &uc);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Failed to open uc\n");
		return -1;
	err = uc_mem_map(uc, 0x7000, 4 * 1024, UC_PROT_ALL);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Failed to allocate memory with %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	int ip = 0x100;
	int cs = 0x75a;
	int address_to_load = cs * 16 + ip;
	err = uc_mem_write(uc, address_to_load, cmd, 4);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Failed to write memory with %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	err = uc_reg_write(uc, UC_X86_REG_IP, &ip);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Failed to write register with %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	err = uc_reg_write(uc, UC_X86_REG_CS, &cs);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Failed to write register with %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	uc_hook hook;
	err = uc_hook_add(uc, &hook, UC_HOOK_INTR, (void*)cb, nullptr, 0, -1);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Hook failed with %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	printf("Before emulation.\n");
	err = uc_emu_start(uc, address_to_load, address_to_load + 4, 0, 0);
	if (err != UC_ERR_OK) {
		printf("Emulation error %d\n", err);
		return -1;
	printf("After emulation.\n");
	return 0;


This code works with C++ exception disabled, but it seems that we can't disable C++ exceptions for ctypes.

@wtdcode wtdcode changed the title Unicorn crashes in uc_version Stack seems to be corrupted when running on Windows Sep 14, 2020
aquynh added a commit that referenced this issue Sep 15, 2020
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Member Author

wtdcode commented Sep 15, 2020

Corresponding python script.

from unicorn import *
from unicorn.x86_const import *

def test16():
    count = 0
    def cb(a, b, c):
        nonlocal count
        count += 1
        print(f"Count: {count}")
        if count >= 100:

        mu = Uc(UC_ARCH_X86, UC_MODE_16)
        mu.mem_map(0x7000, 4 * 1024, UC_PROT_ALL)
        cs = 0x75a
        ip = 0x100
        mu.reg_write(UC_X86_REG_IP, 0x100)
        mu.reg_write(UC_X86_REG_CS, 0x75a)
        address_to_load = cs * 16 + ip
        mu.mem_write(address_to_load, b"\xcd\x21\xeb\xfc")
        mu.hook_add(UC_HOOK_INTR, cb)
        mu.emu_start(address_to_load, address_to_load + 4)
    except UcError as e:
        print("ERROR: %s" % e)

if __name__ == '__main__':

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Member Author

wtdcode commented Sep 22, 2020

Fixed in #1331

@wtdcode wtdcode closed this as completed Sep 22, 2020
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