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This directory contains bindings & test code for Python, Java, Go, .NET and MSVC.
See <language>/README or <language>/README.TXT or <language>/ for how to install each binding.

The following bindings are contributed by community.

- Java binding: by Chris Eagle.
- Go binding: by Ryan Hileman.
- .NET binding: by Antonio Parata.
- MSVC binding: by Zak Escano
- Ruby binding: by Sascha Schirra
- Haskell binding: by Adrian Herrera.
- VB6 binding: David Zimmer.

More bindings created & maintained externally by community are available as follows.

- UnicornPascal: Delphi/Free Pascal binding (by Stievie).

- Unicorn-Rs: Rust binding (by Sébastien Duquette)

- UnicornEngine: Perl binding (by Vikas Naresh Kumar)