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Dreditor has been decommissioned due to the lack of availability of current maintainers and the fact that itself is becoming more feature rich at a much faster rate than Dreditor itself now.

This decision was primarily made due to the (original) effort it would take to create an "official" Firefox extension (#256) amongst a few major issues that were not solvable as a browser extension and/or would require a complete rewrite anyway:

  • No mobile support (mobile browsers don't have extensions).
  • Extremely inefficient (large patch files could cause browser to hang).
  • Newer, more frequent, deployments often break assumptions of expected markup made by this project causing maintainers to live in an unrealistic state of having to "drop everything to hotfix and release".

If you already have the extension installed, it may continue working for a while until (inevitably) the markup on changes enough that the extension is unable to function.

We understand that many of you love this extension, we did too. This isn't the end, in fact, it's a much brighter beginning. All the things we love about Dreditor can, and should, be moved into natively.

To reiterate: this project is dead and should remain dead. This project's code will no longer be updated, nor will anymore releases be made.

Any and all effort to "add features" or "fix" things should be done on itself by searching for existing issues or creating a new issue in the issue queue: