Failing both install and update from to Firefox browser #252

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tsvenson commented Apr 1, 2015

For quite some time I have had problems updating to a newer version of Dreditor from the site. Basically what happens is the following:

  1. Dreditor notifies my about a new version, I open the site
  2. shows the new version and I click update
  3. I click "Allow" to download and install the new version
  4. I immediately get a message saying that "The add-on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure on"

Before a workaround was to manually delete the old local version and then I could install the latest version. Now this is not possible either and I can't find any information about how to download the script and the install it manually.

How can I get around this problem?

Cottser commented Apr 1, 2015

Thanks for the report, which version of Firefox and which OS? Are you behind a proxy, VPN, or similar?

tsvenson commented Apr 1, 2015

I'm on Win 7 and using all the latest version. No proxy or VPN.

Have had this problems for many months now. Is there a way I can snoop on the communication and find more useful information to better identify what is actually going wrong here?


In my case the origin of the problem was the Avast Antivirus, who is not very 'friendly' with DrEditor (don't ask me why...)
Just disable for a moment all the Avast shields, and install on Firefox as you tried.
Hope it helps.

Cottser commented May 6, 2015

Thank you @interdruper!

tsvenson commented May 7, 2015

Confirming I was using Avast when having the problem. Now upgraded that machine to Ubuntu instead ;)

Cottser commented May 7, 2015

@tsvenson thanks for reporting back!

@markcarver any objection to us documenting this as a known conflict? Not sure where we would do that exactly but just a thought.


Done. I have updated the homepage of to include an "Anti-virus software" alert message at the bottom linking to this issue.

@markcarver markcarver closed this May 7, 2015
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