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πŸš«πŸ”‹ A utilities library with a no-batteries-included philosophy
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We've all been there, using a library we've found that works well for just about every task you throw at it; until it doesn't. There's some configuration that the developers have placed in the codebase that prevents you from using it.

Maybe there's some UI element you end up re-writing the logic for various times and wish there was a generic abstraction you could base them all off of?

That's the goal of this library: Provide developers a set of "batteries-not-included" generic utilities to take and base your code off of. What does "no-batteries-included" mean? We want to make no assumptions about the places you'll be using the code. By making these utilities small-scale and abstracted, we have the ability to make our code modular and highly customizable.

Still having a hard time understanding what I mean? That's perfectly normal. Take a look around our packages for various items:

While this package is in a pre-release stage, we will be following the semver release schedule. If there is a breaking change in the pre-release state, we will bump the minor number.

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