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+layout: post
+title: "Clean Code"
+category: productivity
+tags: [productivity, code]
+published: true
+author: Blake Taylor
+ - Clean code
+ - Boy Scout Rule
+ - Robert C. Martin
+ - Uncle Bob
+ - Refactoring
+description: A simple rule for cleaner code.
+I'm often conflicted on the level of effort I should take to clean up
+the code I work with.
+Certainly, taking no effort, and even using the presence of bad code as
+an excuse to write more of it leads to problems. On the other hand,
+making every possible refactor to leave the code in an idol condition is
+likely misguided if your job is to produce results.
+The Boy Scout Rule
+_Clean Code_, by Robert C. Martin, introduces *The Boy Scout Rule*. This
+states that like a Boy Scout should always leave a campsite in better
+condition than found, so should we do the same with our code.
+I love this idea! I find it wonderfully addresses my concerns above. I
+intend to call upon it often in the future.
+I'll warn, I haven't yet had much time to do so as I just came across
+the idea today while reading [this Amazon customer
+however, I do believe this is the correct approach.
+I have not read the book.

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