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This example repository demonstrates many use cases for UniDoc's UniPDF library. Example code should make it easy for users to get started with UniPDF. Feel free to add to this by submitting a pull request.

While the majority of examples are fully in pure Go, there are a few examples that demonstrate additional functionality that requires CGO and external dependencies. Those examples are clarified by filename suffix "_cgo.go".

License codes

UniPDF requires license codes to operate, there are two options:

Most of the examples demonstrate loading the Metered License API keys through an environment variable UNIDOC_LICENSE_API_KEY.

Examples for Offline Perpetual License Key loading can be found in the license subdirectory.

Build all examples

Building with go modules:

Simply run the build script which builds all the binaries to subfolder bin/

$ ./

Building with GOPATH:

Building with GOPATH requires a slightly different approach due to the /v3 semantic import portion of the unipdf import paths. There are two options:

Both options start with:

  • go get to download the packages

Then one can decide between the two options:

  1. Remove the /v3/ in the unipdf import paths, e.g. use instead of
  2. Alternatively create a symbolic link from the v3 subdirectory of unipdf to the unipdf repository, i.e.
ln -s $GOPATH/src/ $GOPATH/src/

or move/copy the unipdf folder to unipdf/v3 if symbolic links are not an option.

Once this has been done, then can build using the build script as well:

$ ./

or build individual example codes as desired.