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Add spice to your UniFi wifi network!

  • unifi-lab

    (THIS project IS DORMANT: Please have a look at calmh/unifi-api instead, which is cleaner) Add some extra spice to your Ubiquiti UniFi wifi network!

    Python BSD-3-Clause 30 86 8 0 Updated Feb 11, 2016
  • unifi-api

    Forked from calmh/unifi-api

    (Irregularly updated mirror of An API towards the Ubiquity Networks UniFi controller

    Python MIT 166 51 0 0 Updated Sep 2, 2014
  • unifi-gpl

    GPL code included in UniFi platform - for those who want to get their hands dirty

    4 9 0 0 Updated Oct 17, 2012

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