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import json
import logging
import requests
import urllib3
import click
from haiku_node.babel.babel_db import (
BabelDatabase, default_db as default_babel_db)
from haiku_node.babel.utils import (get_balance, get_schemas, post_permissions,
get_current_ipfs_merkle, get_proof_chain,
generate_leaf_from_ipfs, verify_proof,
get_ipfs_merkle_from_proof_tx, get_rpc_url)
from haiku_node.blockchain.eos.uapp import UnificationUapp
from haiku_node.blockchain_helpers.eos import eosio_account
from haiku_node.config.config import UnificationConfig
from import (
get_eos_rpc_client, get_ipfs_client, get_cleos)
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
bold = lambda s:, bold=True)
ZERO_MASK = '0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000'
def main():
def permissions(user):
Display user permissions.
:param user: The EOS user account name to query.
eos_rpc_client = get_eos_rpc_client()
ipfs_client = get_ipfs_client()
apps = []
valid_apps = eos_rpc_client.get_table_rows(
"unif.mother", "unif.mother", "validapps", True, 0, -1,
for va in valid_apps['rows']:
click.echo(f"{bold(user)} Permissions overview:")
for provider in apps:
click.echo(f'Provider: {bold(provider)}')
for consumer in apps:
if consumer != provider:
click.echo(f' Consumer: {bold(consumer)}')
uapp_sc = UnificationUapp(eos_rpc_client, provider)
ipfs_hash, merkle_root = uapp_sc.get_ipfs_perms_for_req_app(
if ipfs_hash is not None and ipfs_hash != ZERO_MASK:
permissions_str = ipfs_client.get_json(ipfs_hash)
permissions_json = json.loads(permissions_str)
user_perms = permissions_json[user]
for schema_id, perms in user_perms.items():
click.echo(f' Schema ID: {schema_id}')
if perms['perms'] == '':
click.echo(' Granted: False')
click.echo(' Granted: True')
click.echo(f" Fields: {perms['perms']}")
click.echo('Nothing set')
def schemas(app_name):
Obtain data source information about an App.
:param app_name: The EOS app account name to query.
eos_client = get_eos_rpc_client()
uapp_sc = UnificationUapp(eos_client, app_name)
click.echo(f"{app_name} has the following Schemas:\n")
for key, schema in uapp_sc.get_all_db_schemas().items():
click.echo(f"Schema ID {schema['pkey']}:")
def balance(user, password):
Get UND balance for an account
:param user: The EOS user account name.
:param password: The EOS user account's wallet password.
cleos = get_cleos()
cleos.unlock_wallet(user, password)
my_balance = get_balance(user)
click.echo(bold(f'{user} Balance: {my_balance}'))
def transfer(from_acc, to_acc, amount, password):
Quick UND transfer method.
:param from_acc: The EOS user account name SENDING the UNDs.
:param to_acc: The EOS user account name RECEIVING the UNDs.
:param amount: amount to send.
:param password: The SENDING EOS user account's wallet password.
# TODO: need to make the babel client initialised, and locked to a user
amt = "{0:.4f}".format(round(float(amount), 4))
click.echo(f"{bold(from_acc)} is transferring {bold(amt)} UND"
f"to {bold(to_acc)}:")
my_balance = get_balance(from_acc)
click.echo(bold(f'{from_acc} Old Balance: {my_balance}'))
their_balance = get_balance(to_acc)
click.echo(bold(f'{to_acc} Old Balance: {their_balance}'))
cleos = get_cleos()
cleos.unlock_wallet(from_acc, password)
d = {
'from': from_acc,
'to': to_acc,
'quantity': f'{amt} UND',
'memo': 'UND transfer'
ret =
['push', 'action', 'unif.token', 'transfer', json.dumps(d),
'-p', from_acc])
stripped = ret.stdout.strip()
click.echo(bold(f'Transfer result: {stripped}'))
my_balance = get_balance(from_acc)
click.echo(bold(f'{from_acc} New Balance: {my_balance}'))
their_balance = get_balance(to_acc)
click.echo(bold(f'{to_acc} New Balance: {their_balance}'))
def modify_permissions(user, password, provider, consumer, perm='active'):
Modify permissions
:param user: The EOS user account name.
:param password: Wallet password for user.
:param provider: Provider EOS account name.
:param consumer: Consumer EOS account name.
:param perm: EOS Permission level to use for acquiring keys.
schemas_map = get_schemas(provider)
schema_id = int(input(f"Select Schema ID:"))
schema_fields = schemas_map[schema_id]
# ToDo - get user's current permission levels from provider/IPFS etc.
field_perms = {}
for f in schema_fields:
field_perms[f] = True
click.echo(f"{f} = True")
perm_action = input(
"Type field name to toggle permission, or 's' to send: ")
while perm_action != 's':
if perm_action in field_perms:
field_perms[perm_action] = not field_perms[perm_action]
click.echo("Invalid field name")
for n, v in field_perms.items():
click.echo(f"{n} = {v}")
perm_action = input(
"Type field name to toggle permission, or 's' to send: ")
granted_fields = []
for n, v in field_perms.items():
if v:
granted_fields_str = ",".join(granted_fields)
click.echo(f"{user} is Requesting permission change: Granting access to "
f"{consumer} in Provider {provider} "
f"for fields {granted_fields}")
user, password, perm, granted_fields_str,
schema_id, provider, consumer)
@click.option('-f', '--fields', 'granted_fields', required=False, default='')
def modify_permissions_direct(
user, password, provider, consumer, schema_id, granted_fields):
Modify permissions
:param user: The EOS user account name.
:param password: Wallet password for user.
:param provider: Provider EOS account name.
:param consumer: Consumer EOS account name.
:param schema_id: The ID of the schema.
:param granted_fields: Comma separated list of granted fields.
if not granted_fields:
click.echo(f"{user} is Requesting permission change: "
f"Revoking access to "
f"{consumer} in Provider {provider} for Schema {schema_id}")
click.echo(f"{user} is Requesting permission change: "
f"Granting access to "
f"{consumer} in Provider {provider}"
f" for fields {granted_fields}"
f"in Schema {schema_id}")
perm = 'active'
user, password, perm, granted_fields, schema_id, provider, consumer)
def prove_permission(user, provider, consumer, schema_id):
Verify a user's current permission state on the blockchain
:param user: End User's EOS account name
:param provider: Provider's EOS account name
:param consumer: Consumer's EOS account name
:param schema_id: Schema ID to check
ipfs_hash, merkle_root = get_current_ipfs_merkle(provider, consumer)
proof_chain = get_proof_chain(user, provider,
schema_id=schema_id, consumer=consumer)
if proof_chain is None:
click.echo('Proof chain not found')
click.echo(f'IPFS Hash from {provider} SC: {ipfs_hash}')
click.echo(f'Merkle Root from {provider} SC: {merkle_root}')
click.echo(f'Proof Chain from {provider}: {proof_chain}')
leaf_to_prove = generate_leaf_from_ipfs(user, schema_id, ipfs_hash)
is_good = verify_proof(merkle_root, proof_chain, leaf_to_prove)
click.echo(bold(f'Permissions are valid: {is_good}'))
def check_change_request(user, request_id):
Check state of a permission change request, and verify it
has been honoured
:param user: End User's EOS account name
:param request_id: Request ID from user's BABEL DB
babel_db = BabelDatabase(default_babel_db(user))
request_data = babel_db.get_request_by_id(request_id, user)
if request_data is None:
click.echo(f'Request ID {request_id} for {user} not found')
provider = request_data['provider_account']
proc_id = request_data['provider_process_id']
consumer = request_data['consumer_account']
schema_id = request_data['schema_id']
if not request_data['perms']:
feedback = f'revoking access to Schema {schema_id}'
feedback = f"granting access to fields " \
f"{request_data['perms']} in Schema {schema_id}"
click.echo(f"Verifying {feedback} was processed by "
f'Provider {provider} for Consumer {consumer}...')
payload = {
'user': user,
'proc_id': proc_id
url = get_rpc_url(provider, 'get_proof_tx')
r =, json=payload, verify=False)
d = r.json()
if r.status_code != 200:
raise Exception(d['message'])
if not d['found']:
click.echo(f'Permission change request ID {proc_id} for User {user}, '
f'Provider {provider}, Consumer {consumer}, '
f'Schema ID {schema_id} not found')
if not d['processed']:
click.echo(f'Permission change request ID {proc_id} '
f'has not been processed yet')
proof_tx = d['proof_tx']
babel_db.update_processed(request_id, proof_tx)
click.echo(f'Request processed in blockchain Tx ID {proof_tx}. Checking:')
tx_ipfs_hash, tx_merkle_root = get_ipfs_merkle_from_proof_tx(
proof_tx, provider, consumer)
if tx_ipfs_hash is None:
click.echo('Could not find required information from proof Tx')
click.echo(f'IPFS Hash on blockchain at time of '
f'change request: {tx_ipfs_hash}')
click.echo(f'Merkle Root on blockchain at time of '
f'change request: {tx_merkle_root}')
click.echo(f'Requesting proof chain from {provider}')
tx_proof_chain = get_proof_chain(user, provider, schema_id=schema_id,
leaf_to_prove = generate_leaf_to_prove(request_data, user)
tx_is_good = verify_proof(tx_merkle_root, tx_proof_chain, leaf_to_prove)
click.echo(bold(f'Tx proof verified: {tx_is_good}'))
click.echo(f"Verifying {feedback} is currently honoured by "
f'Provider {provider} for Consumer {consumer}...')
current_ipfs_hash, current_merkle_root = get_current_ipfs_merkle(
provider, consumer)
click.echo(f'Current IPFS Hash on blockchain: {current_ipfs_hash}')
click.echo(f'Current Merkle Root on blockchain: {current_merkle_root}')
click.echo(f'Requesting proof chain from {provider}')
current_proof_chain = get_proof_chain(user, provider, schema_id=schema_id,
current_is_good = verify_proof(current_merkle_root,
current_proof_chain, leaf_to_prove)
click.echo(bold(f'Current proof verified: {current_is_good}'))
if __name__ == "__main__":