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Smart Contracts

The following three Smart Contracts are used and deployed within the prototype:


Deployed on the unif.token EOS account, and used to implement the UND token infrastructure within the Prototype.


Deployed on each UApp's EOS account: app1, app2, and app3.

  1. Stores metadata about data sources. Can only be modified by the app account on which the Smart Contract is deployed
  2. Stores schema templates describing the data the app is making available within the Unification ecosystem. Can only be modified by the app account on which the Smart Contract is deployed
  3. Stores user permission maps, describing which apps can access a users data within this app. Can only be modified by the user
  4. Stores UND reward structures - i.e. how much this app will pay users/other apps for data.


Deployed on the unif.mother EOS account.

  1. Stores a list of valid (and invalidated) apps within the Unification ecosystem. Haiku Node always "calls MOTHER" to check that an app requesting its data is valid.
  2. Stores the code hash for each app's unification_acl Smart Contract (at the time of validation). If the current deployed hash does not match the hash stored in MOTHER, then data requests are rejected by Haiku Nodes.
  3. Stores current valid schemas and versions for app data sources. If an app modifies it's data schema template, or adds/removes sources, they won't be "active" within the ecosystem until MOTHER is informed.

All data stored within the unification_mother Smart Contract can only be updated by the unif.mother account.


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