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Unified Remix

This repository contains a Docker Compose file which can be used to deploy a Unified Remix demonstration environment.

For more details see Unifed Remix.

This environment only contains two use cases:

  • Pre/Mid/Post roll
  • Virtual Subclips

For more use cases see Remix Demo.

Flow Diagram

The interaction between the components is depicted in the following diagram:

                                                                       rule sets
 player --> cdn --> unified origin --> unified remix --> smil origin - ad networks
                           |                                         \
                      a/v sources                                      broadcast epg


  1. Install Docker
  2. Install Docker Compose
  3. Clone this repository


You need a license key to use this software. To evaluate you can create an account at Unified Streaming Registration.

The license key is passed to containers using the USP_LICENSE_KEY environment variable.

Start the stack using docker-compose:

export USP_LICENSE_KEY=<your_license_key>
docker-compose up

You can also choose to run it in background (detached mode):

export USP_LICENSE_KEY=<your_license_key>
docker-compose up -d

Now that the stack is running a demonstration page should be accessible at http://localhost/.