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The script library makes it easy to execute system scripts from a remote.

local script = libs.script;

All script functions accept one or more lines to make it easy to write longer scripts.

output =
	"tell application \"Spotify\"",
		"set out to player state",
	"end tell"

The script functions return 3 values:

out,err,res = script.default(...);

You can easily execute scripts from file using the fs library:

local src ="foo.bat");

script.batch( [...] )

Execute a Windows Batch script.

cd = script.batch("echo %cd%");

script.powershell( [...] )

Execute a Windows PowerShell script.

process_list = script.powershell(
	"ps | Where-Object { $_.Name -eq \"svchost\" }"
); [...] )

Execute an AppleScript.

path ="set out to (path to me)"); [...] )

Execute a shell script using the default interpreter (typically sh).

foo ="echo $PWD");

You can specify a different interpreter with a shebang line:

foo =
	"echo $PWD"

Note that on Windows the shell function creates a Batch file.

foo ="echo %USERNAME%");

script.default( line, [...] )

Execute the default script depending on platform.

  • Windows: script.batch.
  • Mac OS X:
  • Linux/Unix: