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A context analysis and extraction API tightly integrated with the Unigraph Knowledge Graph. Three endpoints available:


Unigraph is a graph database: instead of using tables and keys to define data structures, Unigraph's data structure is a set of nodes and links that establish relationships (edges) between the nodes. As the data structure is non-hierarchical much more complex relationships between individual elements can be modeled, compared to a conventional database

Unigraph QL

A declarative, graph traversal language inspired by Facebook’s GraphQL supporting queries with minimal requirements over the entire graph and returning precisely the data it was asked for. Rather than constructing several REST requests to fetch the data you're interested in you can often make a single call. In GraphQL the query request lays out the data structure of the response. The greatest benefit of GraphQL is that instead of list of things it returns an entire sub graph. While it is possible to convert a graph to list(s), the opposite is not. Additionally, GraphQL supports types and schema introspection which allows for interaction with the database the same way one queries for a record and from within the same query.

The UniGraph read-only API /query endpoint supports two modes:

  • Data Streaming: results are returned in real time as the graph is being traversed.
  • REST-like request/response. Results are returned once the query has finished traversing the graph.

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