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  • Brand change from HUZU to UNIGRID
  • New protocol version that will be enforced once we reach ~70% adoption of the new version
  • Upgrade to QT 5.9.x
  • Automatic wallet.dat import from the old HUZU wallet
  • New governance address
  • New block reward scheme with a new spork for activation
  • PoS block DoS protection and invalid block mitigation
  • New check points up to block 398765
  • Add sendalert RPC command for sending alerts to the network
  • Updated build system

We provide pre-compiled binaries for Windows (32bit & 64bit flavors), Mac OS X, Linux Intel (32bit & 64bit flavors) and Linux ARM (32bit & 64bit flavors)

Windows binaries

Zip distribution: 32bit, 64bit
Installer: 32bit, 64bit

Mac OS X binaries

Zip distribution: 64bit
Installer: 64bit

Linux binaries

32bit, 64bit, ARM 32bit, ARM 64bit

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