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Unikname (archive)

The Multipurpose Self-Sovereign Identity platform without KYC
  • Blockchain space


  1. Public archive

    Official guides and documentation for the Unikname blockchain

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  2. unikname-papers unikname-papers Public archive

    Publication repository of Unik-Name's "papers": one-pager, lightpaper, whitepaper ...

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  3. explorer explorer Public archive

    Forked from ArkEcosystemArchive/explorer

    A Blockchain Explorer for UNS using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.

    Vue 1 3

  4. help-unikname help-unikname Public archive

    Unikname Help Center content

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  5. unn-core unn-core Public archive core: NFT blockchain running Unikname products

    TypeScript 1

  6. wordpress-unikname wordpress-unikname Public archive

    Home of Unikname Connect plugin for Wordpress 5.x and more

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