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This repository defines the UnikoinGold token distribution flow and provides additional information surrounding the distribution of UKG. The ERC20 token will distribute 1 Billion UKG in total.

You can find the UKG Contract at

You can find the UnikoinGold audit report from Zeppelin Solutions here.

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Table of Contents



Sale Process

  • This will be done prior to the deployment of any smart contracts. It will be completed with individual wallets with a system we built.
  • The sale will consist of users sending funds to specific wallet addresses, prior to the use audited smart contracts
  • Their contribution amount will be added to a DB consisting of wallet addresses and their associated balances

Participant Addition

  • This contract will collect no funds. All funds will have been collected prior to the deployment of this contract
  • Before the distribute contract is deployed, ParticipantAdditionProxy.sol will be deployed
  • Unikrn will populate allocatePresaleBalances and allocateSaleBalances with address and balances of the participants who participated in the presale and the sale
    • This will be done programmatically with a script that adds users and their balances via multiple transactions
      • The function has the ability to accept as many or as few addresses per transaction, as to avoid the block gas limit
  • Upon completion of the addition of users, Unikrn will call endPresaleParticipantAddition and endSaleParticipantAddition in order to finalize this contract. After these are called, this contract will never be edited again

Participant Claim

  • This contract will collect no funds. All funds will have been collected prior to the deployment of this contract
  • 200 million total tokens distributed between presale and sale participants
  • Both sale and presale participants will have their balances checked by the proxy contract that is already on the blockchain
  • Sale participants will receive their tokens automatically
  • Locked Presale participants will receive their tokens at a rate of 10% every 9 days over a total of 90 days
    • A call to the claim function will give them all their available tokens, to date
    • These participants will have to call claimPresaleTokens function to receive these tokens - IE if the user calls clam for the first time after 19 days, they will receive 20% of their tokens
      • This function will iterate through phases in claimPresaleTokensIterate
      • The first phase to receive tokens is phase 1




Contract to add users to the sale and presale contributors list. The data in this contract will be called by the main token distribution contract.


This contract creates tokens and holds them until users claim them. Locked presale participants will receive 10% of their funds via a call every 9 days for 90 days.



Name Keywords Description
time() constant Returns the block.timstamp. Necessary for testing.
currentPhase() constant Returns the current phase number that the distribution is on.
min() private Returns the mininum of two numbers.
whichPhase() constant Calculates the phase number that the distribution is on.
timeRemainingInPhase() constant Returns the time remaining in the current phase
phasesClaimable() constant Returns the number of phases a participant has available to claim
claimPresaleTokensIterate(phase) internal Internal function that gets looped through based on when presale user calls claimPresaleTokens().
claimPresaleTokens() external notCanceled distributionStarted presaleTokensStillAvailable User calls this function to claim their presale tokens.
cancelDistribution() external onlyOwner notFrozen Cancels distribution if a false parameter is entered.



npm install -g truffle testrpc && npm install

Before running tests and interacting with the contract, make sure you are running testrpc to simulate the blockchain:



Run all tests:

truffle test


Thank you CoinCircle for the relentless efforts to make this happen! Make sure to also checkout the CoinCircle Github. Thank you Zeppelin for the helping us to make UKG even more secure.