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KraftKit 🚀🐒🧰

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Kraftkit is a suite of tools and framework for building custom, minimal, immutable lightweight virtual machines based on Unikraft. With KraftKit, you can use unikernels at every stage of their lifecycle: from construction to production.

You can quickly and easily install KraftKit using the interactive installer. Simply run the following command to get started:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Alternatively, you can download the binaries from the releases pages.


Building a unikernel with KraftKit is designed to be simple.

Add a Kraftfile to your project directory, which specifies the libraries needed for your unikernel:

specification: v0.5

unikraft: stable

  newlib: stable

  - name: default
    architecture: x86_64
    platform: kvm

You can also add an additional which specifies any source files:

$(eval $(call addlib,apphelloworld))


Then it is a case of running:

cd path/to/workdir

kraft pkg update
kraft build

You can run your unikernel using:

kraft run


KraftKit is part of the Unikraft OSS Project and licensed under BSD-3-Clause.