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We are the team behind Unikube πŸ‘‹


We have officially started Unikube in 2020. We released version 1.0 of our SaaS platform and CLI (Command Line Interface) as an open-source project in September 2021. We are a team of Devs and DevOps creating tooling πŸ”§ around ☁️ Cloud Native Development, to enhance workflows, collaboration, security and development speed πŸƒ under the umbrella β›± of the Unikube organization.

πŸš€ Unikube in a nutshell

Simply put, Unikube helps developers focus on what they do best: Writing code. That's because Unikube eliminates the need for developers to learn complex Kubernetes logic or deal with infrastructure.

  • πŸ™Œ. Unikube standardizes and automates the application development process for service-based architectures running on Kubernetes.

  • Working with Unikube means πŸ‘‘ significantly more efficient software development, faster onboarding, better testing and error-free deployments.

  • For more information πŸ’‘ feel free to visit our website or on LinkedIn

  • 🀩 For those of you who are already hooked on Unikube now, we also have some guides to make your setup as easy as possible.

  • Also, if you have questions πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ you can find us on slack.

  • If you want a personally tailored demo you can book one here. πŸ‘ˆ

🌈 The Unikube community on GitHub

We are proud to be part of the open-source world 🌍 on GitHub.

🍿 More features coming soon

See what's next on our agenda and learn more about Cloud Native Development with us!

  • Check out our roadmap 🚐

  • In case you want to know more 🧠 about Cloud Native Development and its main terms and definitions our knowledge base can be very helpful.


  1. cli cli Public

    The convenient command line interface (CLI) to the unikube platform. πŸ’»

    Python 18 1

  2. frontend frontend Public

    Frontend for the Unikube platform. Run k8s 🐳 🚒 dev setups πŸ€“ with ease! 🀩

    Vue 13 2

  3. manifests manifests Public

    The manifest service renders Helm charts and sends πŸš€ them to the CLI

    Python 2

  4. docs docs Public

    Unikube documentation, cloud native knowledgebase.

    Vue 2

  5. projects projects Public

    The unikube project service. It stores and manages projects in the unikube platform.

    Python 3

  6. marketing marketing Public

    Repository for the creation of marketing assets and activities for the promotion of unikube



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