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== 1.0.9
* 2 major enhancement
* Added Returns PhotoCollection.
* Added photoset.first_photo. Asks and returns the first photoset's photo
* 3 minor enhancements
* Implementation of user.photos_url now uses photosurl API call instead of building it from
* photoset.getInfo now private and called when needed for the first time.
* photoset.getPhotos now private and called the first time is called.
== 1.0.8 2009-01-25
* 2 minor enhancements
* Refactored initialization of PhotoCollection so can be instantiated from response returned by photosets.getPhotos
* Added photosets.getPhotos. Returns PhotoCollection
== 1.0.7 2008-11-26
* 1 major enhancement
* When a collection of photos is fetched (e.g. by Flickr#search), a PhotoCollection object is now returned, a type of array, which allows easy access to the pagination information returned by Flickr (e.g. total items, pages, etc). Previously this info was lost
* Minor enhancements:
* Refactored parsing of response when getting info about photo (public API is not changed).
* All returned info is now parsed and stored (previously only some attributes were)
* A record is kept of whether info has been previously fetched from Flickr (avoids unnecessary extra calls)
* Improved User#getInfo. No longer makes API call for pretty_url (which was in addition to main getInfo call) or photos_url
* Bugfixes
* Fixed Photo#source not to make unnecessary API call
* Fixed User#url not to make unnecessary API call
== 1.0.6 2008-07-30
* Bugfixes:
* fixed Flickr#photos when used for searching
* fixed Flickr::Photo#url to not use usernames (if the user changes their username, the url will wrong)
* fixed Flickr#related_tags
* Flickr::Photo#to_s was making unnecessary API calls
* fixed 'test' Rake task
* fixed 'gem' Rake task
* Minor enhancements:
* added Flickr#search as an alias for Flickr#photos in its search mode
* added Flickr#recent as an alias for Flickr#photos for recent photos
* added Flickr::Photo#pretty_url for the URL that includes a username if present
* added Flickr::Photo#size_url which is like url except 'Medium' works the same as other sizes
* allow lowercase ('medium') and symbol (:medium) forms for sizes
* internal code cleanup
== 1.0.5 2008-05-12
* 1 major change:
* Updated and refactored Flickr::Group class and Flickr#groups method to work with current Flickr API. Flickr#groups now searches for given group, rather than groups.getActiveList (which no longer exists as Flickr API call)
* Minor enhancements:
* Tweaked internals so new client instance isn't created each time new object (e.g. photo, user) is created
* Improved test coverage
== 1.0.4 2008-05-11
* 1 major enhancement:
* Added authentication facility as per current Flickr API
* 3 minor enhancements:
* Improved test suite
* Improved API for creating Flickr objects (old one still works)
* Protected methods that are only used internally (e.g. request, request_url)
== 1.0.3 2008-04-18
* Various bugfixes:
* User instantiation was broken (wrong number of params passed)
* Instantiating photos failed in several places if single photo returned
* Photosets#getInfo would always fail as the parameter name should be photoset_id, not photosets_id
* Removed call to flickr.people.getOnlineList in Flickr#users as that call is no longer in the Flickr API
* Performance improvements:
* Url and image source uri now generated without a call to the Flickr API, as per the Flickr API docs