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Pausing/resuming jest watch mode.

Requires jest@23+.


To use jest-watch-suspend, add it to the watchPlugins section of the Jest configuration:

  "jest": {
    "watchPlugins": [
      // default
      // configure
        "jest-watch-suspend", {
          // override key press
          "key": "s",
          // override prompt
          "prompt": "suspend watch mode",
          // starts in suspend mode
          "suspend-on-start": true

Use Cases

Suspend on start:

  • (suspended) ➣ [p] + <filter> | [t] + <filter>[s] (resume)

Setup both path and name filter before running tests:

  • [s] (suspend) ➣ [p] + <filter> & [t] + <filter>[s] (resume)

Change multiple files before running tests:

  • [s] (suspend) ➣ multiple changes and file saves ➣ [s] (resume)

Run code coverage after running some test.only() tests:

  • [s] (suspend) ➣ change test.only() back to test() & [e] (with jest-watch-toggle-config) ➣ [s] (resume)