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people-friendly visitor counting, if that's possible
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website visitor logging that's nice to your visitors


  • respect people
  • don't break things
  • don't track people on an individual level. maybe don't use this at all.
  • visitor logging is the least important, most expendable data.
  • don't add features. especially if they won't give clearly actionable information. also because redeploying wipes the counts lol.
  • don't save anything for more than 30 days. let it go.
  • no cookies!


  • don't add ips to the bloom filters if DNT=1
  • add dnt-policy.txt
  • generate little svg graphs for timeseries
  • allow customizing timezone


  • uniques and new visitor counts are based on IP addresses, which may be used by more than one person, so they are an upper bound.
  • if any intermediate servers ignore the cache headers and don't let the request get back to the service, those visitors will be missed.
  • any browser extension might start blocking this.
  • host and path are parsed from the Referer header -- browsers that don't include this won't be counted.
  • ip addresses aren't actually stored, just bloom filters tuned for 10k addresses at 3% false-positive. so, it should under-count by less than 3% if you have less than 10000 folks visiting, or by some amount more than 3% if you have more.
    • this isn't a promise or probably important, but this uncertainty does mean: "computer at ip X visited this website" might always be false, and "computer at ip X did not visit this website" also always might be false.

other notes:

  • why not just use your server logs? if you have them, you don't need this. this is for eg., github pages where you don't have them.
  • why is the data public? why not. if you use nginx or another reverse proxy, you could add basic auth there.
  • how to use: add <img src="https://<DOMAIN THIS RUNS AT>/count.gif" style="position: absolute; left:-9999em" alt="visitor counter" aria-hidden="true" /> before your closing </body> tag on any page you want to count.
  • running it at a subdomain of the site your counting is probably a good idea.
  • you can add the counter on as many domains as you like, but privacy tools like Privacy Badger may start auto-blocking for visitors.
  • heroku doesn't work for this, since no service is allowed to survive more than 24 hours at a stretch, and timekeep stores all data in memory.

even more notes:

  • cloudflare used to report ~2000 unique visitors each month for one website I run. The numbers I get from timekeep on the same site are more like ~100 uniques per month. I believe the difference is bots.
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