UI Theme for Brackets
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A dark UI THEME for Brackets focused on readability, based on Dark Soda, Stripper and Monokai color schemes. Useses modified version of Monokai Dark Soda for syntax highlighting, with the bright green muted a bit more, a darker gutter (so you can tell where your code ends and the line numbers start), and a more saturated selected color for contrast. To get the full experience of this theme you must install https://github.com/notasz/brackets-uitheming

Extension is available directly in Brackets via the Brackets extension registry.




  • Dark sidebar to further seperate working files and file tree
  • Active file with accent for quick reference
  • Emphasis on folder directory over files to make it more clear where your current context is with your file directory
  • Code folding uses '+' and '-' and highlights when a block is folded.

Extension Support

If you would like your Brackets to look like the screenshot you must install the following extensions