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Release 1.3.2 (legacy)

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@TysonAndre TysonAndre released this 15 May 03:37
· 435 commits to master since this release

Legacy release for uniqush-push 1.3.2. This contains packages previously hosted on (the packages were moved to GitHub releases)

You probably want the latest releases: uniqush-push 2.5.0 or newer

This is a bug fix version. No new features were added.

  • bugfix Fixed a bug on unsubscription. When a user unsubscribed from a
    service and subscribe it again, the database will be in an error state.
    Reason: uniqush-push keeps a counter for each delivery points. When a user
    unsubscribes, its related delivery point's counter will be decreased by one.
    When the counter reaches zero, its corresponding delivery point information
    will be deleted. However, in old versions, uniqush-push will not delete the
    counter when it reaches zero. Hence there is a bug. This bug was found and
    reported by Ivan Yu.
  • bugfix Fixed a bug when subscribe with identical information. If a delivery
    point subscribe a service, its corresponding counter will be increased by
    one. If the delivery point has already been added under a certain user, its
    counter should not be increased. However, in old versions, uniqush-push will
    increase the counter without checking if the delivery point has already under
    the same user. This bug was found and reported by Ivan Yu.
  • The uniqush organization on github moved three
    repositories under [uniqush-push repository] to merge them into a single
    repository. Old repositories will be removed soon. They are: pushdb, which
    now under db directory in [uniqush-push repository]; pushsys, which now
    under push directory in [uniqush-push repository]; pushsrv, which now under
    srv directory in [uniqush-push repository].

Special thanks to Ivan Yu for his bug report.