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Release Note 1.4.0

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@monnand monnand released this 02 Jul 20:43
· 387 commits to master since this release


This version contains several bug fixes, new features and interface changes for developers.


  • bugfix Fixed the bug on re-connecting APNS server. Thanks to Ivan Yu for his detailed bug report and analysis
  • feature Added loc-key, loc-args and action-loc-key support for APNS. You can send your localized message through uniqush-pus now. This part of code is adapted from benwei's patch. Thank you, benwei. Here is an example of using loc-key and loc-args: curl -d service=fake -d subscriber=client -d msg="hello" -d loc-key="lockey" -d loc-args="hello,world" Then the loc-args sent to the APNS will be ["hello", "world"]. Yes. it is comma separated. If one of your loc-key contains comma(,), then add a backslash () in front of the comma. (Similar to escape character in C)
  • feature Added support to true multicast for GCM.
  • feature Added time-to-live support for both GCM and APNS. It defines how long (in seconds) the message should be kept on push service provider's server if the device is offline.
  • change When subscribe to a GCM service, the user don't need to provide the account parameter. When unsubscribe a service, the user need to provide the same regid as the one he used to subscribe. For existing subscribers (i.e. the subscriber is added using previous releases), the account parameter is required when unsubscribe the service.
  • change This change only affects developers. The interface of PushServiceType is changed making it possible to support true multicast on GCM. Corresponding components are changed.