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Release Note 1.4.2

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@monnand monnand released this 02 Jul 20:38
· 345 commits to master since this release

1-Apr-2013 ( This is not a joke! )

This version contains several bug fixes and a refactory of the main package.


  • bugfix Stop on /stop. Sorry, I forgot to implement the feature after refactoring the main package. Fixed issue 9.
  • bugfix Stop on SIGTERM. Similar with issue 9. User can now stop the program by sending SIGTERM to the process. Fixed issue 8.
  • bugfix Fixed a nil-pointer crash bug. The program will experience a nil-pointer crash (samething as NULL pointer) under some conditions. For example, if user provides an invalid APIKEY for a GCM provider, then uniqush-push will crash when the user tries to push through this malformed provider. Fixed issue 10.
  • feature Support Feedback Service in APNS. Fixed issue 3.