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@monnand monnand released this Jul 2, 2013 · 303 commits to master since this release


This version contains some minor bug fixes and added some hidden feature making it works with uniqush-conn.


  • bugfix Close response body on HTTP response in GCM and C2DM code. This is a
    very common error when using Go's http client package. I
    thought I have fixed this someday in the past, but it turns out I was wrong.
    Anyway, this fixed issue 13.
  • bugfix Fixed a bug introduced by feedback support in APNS. It is a
    missing-return-statement error. Fixed by
    infiniteloop5 through pull request #17
  • bugfix Fixed some error in document. Fixed issue 16 reported by user974256.
  • improvement We do not depends on redis now. Well, not exactly. You just don't need to install redis on the same machine with uniqush-push. Fixed issue 18.
  • feature Added a new URL path: /nrdp. Users can check how many delivery points are there under certain subscriber. This feature will be used by uniqush-conn and is considered as a hidden feature. i.e. not intended to be used by users. Fixed issue 14.
  • feature Added the so-called _perdp._* feature. This feature is also used by uniqush-conn and is a hidden feature as well. Fixed issue 15.
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