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Release Note 1.4.4

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@monnand monnand released this 19 Jul 20:37
· 306 commits to master since this release


This version contains some minor bug fixes and a huge improvement for APNS. I
would like to give special thanks to cmabastar-gumi for his detailed bug


  • bugfix Removed some unnecessary information in the
    notification when call on /push. In old versions, service
    and subscriber(s) names will be included in the notification.
    This may leak some information to the client (e.g. how you name
    the client internally.) Fixed issue 19.
  • bugfix Fixed a potential memory leak bug affected APNS sandbox
    environment. Fixed issue 25.
  • bugfix For APNS, uniqush-push now checks the payload size before sending it. Fixed issue 24.
  • improvement For APNS, uniqush-push now checks the feedback service less frequently so that the performance can be improved a lot. Fixed issue 26.
  • improvement Added a connection pool support for APNS. Partially fixed issue 27.
  • improvement For APNS, uniqush-push now does not wait for the error
    response. This is a trade-off to improve the performance. However, for most
    errors, uniqush-push is able to check them before sending the notification to
    APNS. For others, uniqush-push is able to recover the error. More details
    will be discussed on the blog. Partially fixed issue 27.